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Air Duct Cleaning

At Rentokil Specialist Hygiene, we understand the importance ventilation systems have on your premises to bring healthy and clean air. Over time your ductwork can become compromised with dust, debris and mould affecting performance, efficiency and the quality of indoor air.

We offer a thorough professional deep clean of your air duct system, removing dust, allergens, moulds and other contaminants that can compromise air quality, contributing to a healthier living or working environment. Our air duct cleaning service ensures the standards of your commercial environment are safe and thoroughly clean with fresh air intake from the air handling unit.

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Why is it important to have your ductwork cleaned?

Having ductwork professionally cleaned is important. A clean ductwork system will improve the indoor air quality of your premises. Dust, debris, mould and other contaminants can over time build up in the ductwork system, circulating throughout. With regular cleaning, clean air ducts reduce allergens and irritants and relieve those affected by allergies and respiratory conditions.

Not only is having a clean air duct beneficial for protecting those within your care but can enhance the efficiency of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (HVAC), with regular cleaning allowing air to flow freely. This reduces the workload of your HVAC, optimising the system performance and can extend the lifespan.

Having ductwork cleaning is a proactive measure that promotes a healthier, more efficient, and comfortable indoor environment while potentially saving on energy costs and extending the life of your HVAC system.

Signs ducting requires deep cleaning

The common signs your ducts should be cleaned:

  • Visible signs of dust or debris - If you notice dust or debris coming out of your air vent system, the presence of mould on the vent covers or a need to change clogged air filters more frequently, can be a clear sign that your ducts may need cleaning.
  • Unpleasant odours - odours generated from mould or debris can create a musky aroma and can be removed through duct cleaning, leading to a fresher indoor environment.
  • Allergic reactions or respiratory issues - if you are experiencing issues with allergies or respiratory problems, dirty air ducts could be causing the issue by circulating allergens and irritants in the air. 
  • Reduced airflow - If you notice a significant reduction in airflow from your vents, it could be due to a blockage
  • High Energy Bills - Dirty ducts can force your HVAC system to work harder, leading to increased energy consumption and higher bills.

Regular inspection and attention to these signs can help you determine when it's time to schedule professional duct cleaning, ensuring a healthier and more efficient indoor environment.

Ventilation Testing Services

Ventilation systems and extract ducts can become contaminated with dust and dirt over time and if not cleaned properly regularly can lead to contaminated filtering in your system affecting not only individuals within your care but can adversely affect the performance of your system. It also falls as a legal requirement for building owners to ensure the air handling units are working properly and up to standards.

  • Ventilation testing: Preferred Vacuum Testing (PVT) - Assessing the air quality of your ventilation system is vitally important to check if your system requires cleaning. The preferred method of testing your air duct system is using a Preferred Vacuum Test (PVT) in accordance with BS15780 and TR19 guidance. The results will determine the amount of debris at the inspection point and throughout the system.

    The PVT is taken on site where a 10 x 10cm section of the internal surface of your ventilation system using a vacuum pump and cassette. The samples are collected and subsequently sent to an independent laboratory for analysis. The results will be given a pass or a fail depending on the levels of contamination found, then shared with you alongside service recommendations.

  • Ventilation for Healthcare Premises (SHTM/HTM 03-01) 40-Point Check - The SHTM/HTM 03-01 standards for managing healthcare technical services specify the requirements for the inspection and maintenance of HVAC systems in healthcare facilities. The requirements are essential to ensure the system is working properly and to standards providing a safe and comfortable environment for people within your care. All critical healthcare ventilation systems should be inspected quarterly.

    For healthcare professionals to comply with standards, we provide SHTM/HTM 03-01 40-point check service, an inspection of your ventilation units to identify issues and areas of non-compliance to ensure the systems are operating efficiently, covering all areas of your ventilation system including, coils, filters, dampers and controls with a detailed report of our findings.

Commercial Duct Cleaning Service

Our commercial duct cleaning service is designed to be a tailored service specific to your duct cleaning requirements. Our duct clean service is available throughout the UK and carried out by our team of experts to provide a thorough, compliant service. Our service is completed with full post-clean documentation and follow-up service.

Our technicians use the latest duct cleaning equipment and methods including using negative pressure technology to thoroughly clean your system. Our experts also use specialised extendable cleaning rotary brushes and manual cleaning solutions to provide a thorough cleaning of your ventilation, ducting and equipment. Our service ensures all areas including areas out of reach are cleaned and compliant with industry specifications and legislation.

Frequently asked questions about air duct cleaning

  • How often should you clean your air ducts?

    Dirt, dust particles and mould can build up and move through your air handling systems, reducing the air quality in your premises. Industry guidelines state that air ducting and ventilation systems should be cleaned regularly, as high levels of dust moving through the systems can affect the air quality in your premises. It is advised that HVAC systems are cleaned regularly to remove any dirt, dust and mould that can build up and cause potentially harmful bacteria to be spread throughout the air management system and reduce the air quality, which could lead to increased employee absenteeism and affect business productivity.

    Rentokil Specialist Hygiene can monitor these systems' hygiene levels and provide deep cleaning solutions if the systems’ cleanliness is below standard, providing a TR19-compliant report. We also offer air handling system deep cleaning solutions.

  • How do you clean air ducts?

    As part of a professional air duct cleaning service, our experts will evaluate and assess the condition of your system before proceeding to do a thorough and detailed cleaning. Removing dry deposits (dust, debris). mould and fungal growth which can impact the performance of your ducting.

    Our experienced technicians will utilise state-of-the-art equipment to thoroughly clean your system using negative pressure. Negative air pressure draws air from within the ductwork, bringing with it any of the build-up of deposits.

  • What benefits can businesses expect from regular commercial air duct cleaning?

    • Better air quality
    • Improved system efficiency
    • Helps your business comply with industry guidelines and regulations
    • Potential reduction in energy consumption and lower energy bills

  • Why is air duct cleaning important for indoor air quality?

    People spend a significant amount of time within indoor environments, whether in the home, office or commercial buildings. Ensuring we are breathing good quality indoor air is crucial to our overall health. Air duct cleaning is important to improve the indoor air of your premises by removing the dust, debris and dirt generated from everyday use of your HVAC system. Ensuring the ductwork of your commercial premises is clean allows airflow and prevents airborne allergens and contaminants from being breathed in.

  • How can you maintain clean air ducts between professional cleanings?

    1. Monitor your air duct system performance, checking for signs of build-up and blockages to ensure your system is working efficiently.
    2. Regular cleaning of your premises by vacuuming and dusting will maintain low dust levels preventing dust from entering your ductwork.
    3. Ensure your ventilation is in continuous operation to prevent dust accumulation, as reducing usage or turning off the air conditioning can lead to the gathering of dust and debris.
    4. Ensuring clean air intake by using an air purifier can reduce dust and debris in your system, improving overall air quality,