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Washroom Deep Cleaning

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Washroom Deep Cleaning Services

Daily cleaning and the effective removal of surface dirt and grime is an essential element of maintaining a clean and tidy washroom environment. However, a regular professional  washroom deep clean is recommended to help prevent the build up of hidden embedded germs and bacteria,

Rentokil Specialist Hygiene's washroom deep cleaning service thoroughly cleans and sanitises your washroom, including toilets, urinals and sanitary ware.

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Why is it Important to Have my Washroom Deep Cleaned?

Embedded germs, bacteria, other micro-organisms and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) thrive in warm and moist atmospheres, so washrooms are an ideal environment for them to grow and spread. Hard-to-reach areas can also be missed during daily surface cleaning routines and unpleasant odours or a poor standard of hygiene in the washroom can impact customers’ perceptions of your business.

Our Washroom Deep Cleaning Services

We have a range of washroom cleaning solutions and cleaning services to target specific areas within your washroom that can be tailored to your premises. These include general disinfection methods and deep cleaning of urinals and pipework.

Features of our Washroom Deep Cleaning Services

  • Removal of ingrained harmful bacteria and embedded germs from hard-to-reach surfaces, helping to reduce the risk of infection. 
  • Removal and prevention of malodours.  
  • Prolongs the life and appearance of washroom amenities and pipework by removing stains and limescale. 
  • Helps you maintain a high standard of hygiene and positive customer perception

Rentokil Specialist Hygiene Washroom Services

Our specialist team of washroom cleaning operatives are based all around the United Kingdom in several local branches. The washroom cleaning services team are available to offer you any of our washroom cleaning services, all of which are available for a variety of different business types and sectors.

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