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Ambulance and Emergency Vehicle Cleaning

Ambulances and other vehicles are constantly used by the emergency services to assist them in dealing with varied and often distressing situations where blood, vomit and other bodily fluids are likely to be present. These vehicles include ambulances, police cars, riot vans and prison transport vans.

Bodily fluids present a high risk to the health and safety of the people who travel in these vehicles due to the risk of infection and exposure to diseases such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV that can be contained within them and transferred. Therefore it is vital that these vehicles are cleaned and disinfected in order to minimise this risk.

The emergency service trusts and authorities are responsible for the cleaning and the disinfection of their own transport, however there is not always time between emergencies to clean and keep the ambulances and other vehicles free from possible infection risks.

Add Fogging To Your Emergency Vehicle Cleaning Service

Rentokil Specialist Hygiene understands the challenges faced in order to sustain a safe and hygienic environment and the possibility of unattended medical emergencies thanks to unsafe ambulance units. Working alongside healthcare institutions we provide specialised healthcare cleaning and disinfection services to successfully reduce the risk of infections and to help prevent and control any spread occurring.

To do this, we offer planned, extensive deep cleaning and decontamination services, available for ambulance units and hospital wards. Utilising our comprehensive deep cleaning methods and innovative Fogging technology, cleaning and disinfection is completed with minimal disruption and down time to your mobile units.

What is Fogging?

    • Fogging involves using extremely small droplets of a disinfectant. 
    • These droplets can settle underneath, on top of and on the sides of many objects and inaccessible areas that may not be reached using conventional cleaning methods.
    • This also enables the treatment of large areas in a short space of time when required. 
    • Studies show application by aerosol significantly reduces the number of viable infectious pathogens, treating the surface and the air, killing these pathogens

Rentokil Specialist Hygiene’s special disinfection service ensures your employees can carry on dealing with the injured person or emergency whilst the cleaning and disinfection of the ambulance or emergency vehicle is carried out. This disinfection decontaminates the affected vehicles effectively, reducing the spread of infection or disease.

The odour and contaminants can quickly be spread around the building through the ventilation system. This is problematic as inhaling the bacteria and funguses in bird faeces can compromise your immune system and cause diseases such as: Cryptococcsis, Histoplasmosis and Psittacosis.

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Services rated excellent on Trustpilot by our customers

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