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Drain Maintenance

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Drain Maintenance Cleaning

All drains and waste pipes require periodic maintenance and cleaning to prevent the accumulation of scale, silt and grease or debris that can reduce the bore of the pipe. Having a reduced capacity within your drainage system increases the likelihood of expensive blockages occurring, with potential to cause serious problems from leaks and pipe ruptures. Rentokil Specialist Hygiene provides preventative maintenance for your drains, as well as disinfection in the event of a leak or drain pipe rupture. 

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What are the types of Drainage Systems?

There are three types of drainage systems:

  • Foul Water, or commonly known as sewage or domestic municipal wastewater drainage system, carries used water from any building or premise. This includes water from toilets, baths, showers, washing machines, kitchen and bathroom sinks, dishwashers and other items. This is often referred to as ‘grey’ water, effluent, soil water or waste water.
  • Surface Water - This is water that has been drained directly from the ground, a pavement or a roof. Also referred to as ‘run off’, these systems can help prevent flooding in heavy rainfall. 
  • Effluent Drains - Trade effluent is any effluent (liquid waste) that is discharged from any premises which is being used for a trade or industry. Any liquid, with or without suspended particles, which is produced by any trade or industrial activity, carried out at a ‘trade premise’ is classed as trade effluent.

Our Commercial Drain Maintenance Service

Our specialist drain maintenance services are carried out by our expert technicians who work to remove the build-up of scale, slit, grease and debris, to help you maintain a clear drainage system and pipework to prevent expensive blockages. In the event of a blockage or the pipes becoming clogged, we can provide emergency drain cleaning to unclog and dislodge the blockage. We can also provide specialist cleaning and disinfection services where the blocked drain causes the pipework to break and leak.

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