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After Builders Cleaning Service

Rentokil Specialist Hygiene offers a thorough and comprehensive after builders cleaning service to remove dust and debris both internally and externally, to help ensure your premises are clear, clean and ready for use. Whether you require a complete after builders clean for a property development, hotel, commercial unit, office block or retail shop, our team has the expertise and equipment to ensure that your premises are cleaned to a high standard following the construction work.

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Our After Builders Cleaning Service

Following construction or building work, such as renovations or repairs, and depending on the scale of the work, all areas of your premises such as the carpets, floor, walls and windows may require cleaning.

Once the builders have vacated and the dust has settled, our team of specialist after builder cleaners will carry out a thorough clean of your premises. Our specialist technicians understand the requirements of after builder and construction site cleaning, as well as the associated health and safety implications from working on building sites and the dangers from the potentially hazardous materials that can be present, so will assist you with all of your after builder cleaning requirements.

Fully equipped with specialist equipment and the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE), our technicians provide a thorough post building specialist cleaning service to clean the building areas, removing hazards and dirt to help ensure the premise is clean, tidy and dust-free.

Why Use Our After Builders Cleaning Service?

We understand that cleaning after builders can be difficult and time consuming. There are many benefits to having a specialist after builder cleaning service:

  • Adaptable to suit a range of environments, giving attention to all required areas
  • Prevents hazardous situations forming and improves hygiene standards
  • Makes your premises clean and presentable, during and following work
  • Our after Builders cleaning service can be carried out at any time to suit your availability, to avoid conflicting with operational site hours

As a leading provider of specialist cleaning and disinfection services in the UK, we offer a wide range of expert specialist cleaning services. From construction cleaning to clearing a premise following property refurbishment or building work, our services are tailored to your requirements.

  • Available 24/7 and we provide our services at a time convenient to you
  • Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) accredited technicians
  • A range of specialist after builder clean-up and site cleaning services
  • Experienced in working in a range of environments including construction sites, factories, industrial buildings, property developments, offices and public areas
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Frequently Asked Questions About Cleaning After Builders

  • What is different about after builder cleaning?

    An after builder cleaning service is usually required for a thorough clean of your premises following on-site building work or renovations. Typically, once work has been completed and the dust has settled an after build clean will be carried out.

    The extent of the clean required will vary depending on the work carried out but includes the removal of debri, rubbish, plaster and paint splashes to ensure dust-free and tidy areas.

  • Why is it important to deep clean after building and construction work?

    Aside from being untidy, dust and debris following construction work can present health hazards. These include trip hazards or more inconspicuous hazards, such as dust aggravating existing health conditions, like asthma. Therefore, it is important to carry out a full risk assessment before deep cleaning.

  • What areas should be deep cleaned following construction work?

    Dust can settle on surfaces so it is important to clean all areas. This includes wiping down surfaces such as walls, tiles, window sills, door frames, skirting boards and furniture, as well as mopping the floors. Dust can also settle in the carpet and upholstery, so it is recommended that a vacuum is used too.

    Our post-builder deep cleaning service is used following property renovations and building construction. Property premises may require a deep clean for bathrooms and kitchens following premise refurbishments, to leave the area dust and debris free.

  • How long should I wait before cleaning up after construction and building work?

    Once any construction and refurbishments have been completed, as the owner you may be eager to get your premises back. The quicker you clean up following construction and building work will not only allow you to prepare your premises for use, but will help minimise the spread of dust and debris throughout the premises. Following any construction or renovation work, dust can remain in the air for several hours or days afterwards. All paint should be completely dry before being wiped down within that area, ensuring the area is ready to be cleaned.

  • Do you provide other building cleaning services?

    We are cleaning and disinfection experts, offering a range of specialist services to help you maintain a high standard of hygiene. This includes sewage clean up, void property and end of tenancy cleaning, as well as emergency disinfection.

    For construction companies, builder services or if you have multiple properties carrying out renovation work, Rentokil Specialist Hygiene can coordinate a range of industrial cleaning services to suit your needs, including high level cleans.