Back to school coronavirus disinfection


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Specialist disinfection and hygiene services to help support your schools’ reopening

Rentokil Specialist Hygiene can help you prepare your school to reopen safely when the time is right. Our services are designed to support your school’s plan to protect your pupils, protect your staff and protect their families. 

Our highly trained technicians provide an expert, rapid and empathetic response to challenging hygiene issues 24/7. We can support you with specialist cleaning and hygiene services to help provide those returning with peace of mind that it is a clean, hygienic and safe environment to learn and teach in.

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All-Purpose Specialist Disinfection

Practising social distancing measures in your school may be difficult, and we understand that there are a number of high risk zones and touchpoints that those in your school could come into contact with, such as desks, chairs, pens, books and computers. 

Our all-purpose specialist disinfection service will help you provide a high standard of hygiene throughout your school, offering assurance that your pupils, teachers and staff will be entering a safe and hygienic environment when they return. 

Key touch points are disinfected to minimise the risk of microbial transfer. Rentokil Specialist Hygiene experienced technicians use Ultra Low Volume (ULV) disinfection fogging to enable the treatment of large areas in a short space of time. The extremely small droplets of disinfectant settle on top of and on the sides of even inaccessible areas, which areas can be missed when using conventional cleaning methods and could pose possible health risks to those returning to your school.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

An out of use kitchen can create an unpleasant and unsafe environment to prepare food. There are also multiple contact points within a school kitchen and servery area and if these areas are not clean and hygienic, it can create a health and safety risk for those who work in or use them. 

Rentokil Specialist Hygiene’s Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH) accredited technicians can carry out kitchen deep cleaning to support you in providing safe catering facilities. Our tailored service options include: 

  • A pre-opening sparkle clean to help leave your kitchen and servery area clean and hygienic, helping to prevent the risk of cross contamination. 
  • Full kitchen deep cleaning of the structure, equipment, floors, walls and surfaces to revitalise your kitchen through the removal of all grease and carbon deposits. 
  • TR19 compliant kitchen extraction and duct cleaning from a BESA member, to help eliminate fire risks and ensure that your system is compliant with relevant guidelines, and working at its best when back in use.


Washroom Deep Cleaning

Washrooms are a high risk zone for poor hygiene and cross contamination, especially without daily cleaning during a school closure. A lack of water flow can cause a build up of uric acid, which can result in unpleasant odours. 

Our washroom deep cleaning service will help remove hidden embedded germs and odour causing bacteria, providing a safe and clean environment for those using it. It will also help you to provide your pupils and teachers with a safe and clean space to carry out good hand washing practises.

Graffiti and Chewing Gum Removal

The perception and image of a clean environment is an important element of providing peace of mind to your pupils, staff and their families that your school is a healthy and clean environment to return to. 

The removal of all unsightly graffiti and chewing gum will help demonstrate your school’s efforts to provide a safe space for pupils to learn. Our technicians use EcoBlasting, an environmentally friendly method of carrying out graffiti removal and we can apply an anti- graffiti coating to make future removal easier. Ecoblasting can also be used to effectively remove chewing gum from your school playgrounds and other affected areas. After removing the chewing gum, our tarmac restoration service Regener8 can be used to restore tired and worn out surfaces. This improves the appearance of the surface and prevents chewing gum adhesion, making future chewing gum removal quicker and simpler.

EnviroPure+ Service

Our EnviroPure+ service is available to preorder and helps you provide fresh, purified indoor air to those spending time in your school. It includes an air purification unit that works to remove malodours, allergens and bacteria, and is designed with a HEPA filter that helps tackle bacterial fungal matter within indoor air. It constantly monitors your air quality for you and provides real time data, measuring temperature, humidity and airborne dust particles. 

Rentokil Specialist Hygiene service the unit at least 6 times per annum to ensure that it is working at maximum efficiency, offering reassurance that it continues to  provide your classrooms, staff rooms and other areas where the unit is present with fresh, purified air.