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Specialist Disinfection and Hygiene Services to Help Support your School

Rentokil Specialist Hygiene can support your school with essential products and services, to help you protect the health and wellbeing of your pupils, staff and their families.

Our specialist cleaning and disinfection services will help provide everyone at school with peace of mind that it is a clean, hygienic and safe environment to learn and teach in.

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All-Purpose Specialist Disinfection

Scheduling regular disinfection treatments can help you maintain a high level of hygiene throughout your school and reduce the risk of microbial transfer. There are also a number of high-risk touchpoints within a school that pupils and teachers can come into contact with such as desks, chairs and computers, so it is important that these are regularly disinfected.

Rentokil Specialist Hygiene used a range of disinfection methods to ensure that each area of your school is treated as efficiently as possible. Electrostatic Disinfection is used to treat your classrooms and staffrooms, as the process of adding an electric charge to disinfectant as it is sprayed causes it to wrap around surfaces, to effectively treat these areas.

Our Mist Blowing Space Treatment rapidly disinfects large areas such as assembly halls and sports halls, as the applicator blows out a substantial disinfectant mist compared to conventional applicators.

For electrical equipment and sensitive areas such as computers, the library and equipment in the science department, our technicians use ultraviolet lamps to carry out UV Disinfection, as no liquid disinfectants are needed.

Hygiene Products

Hand Sanitisers

Keeping hands clean is a great first step in infection control, so it is important that everyone at your school follows good hand hygiene practices, for both their safety and the safety of those around them. Placing hand sanitiser where handwashing is not possible will help to reduce cross contamination. Whether it is outside of the assembly hall or before pupils enter their classrooms, hand sanitiser stations will help promote good hand hygiene practices.

Disinfectant Wipes

To support you in providing a safe, clean environment for your pupils and teachers, we can equip you with ready to use Steri-7 wipes, to allow you to easily disinfect common touchpoints, like chairs and desks, between professional specialist disinfection services and cleans. Steri-7 kills up to 99.9999% of broad range pathogens within seconds of contact and has been tested against feline Coronavirus; a surrogate for Coronavirus.*

*Source: Steri-7

VIRUSKILLERâ„¢ Air Purifier

Our VIRUSKILLER™ air purifier range uses a triple filtration process and a UV-C reactor chamber to kill 99.9999% of airborne viruses and pathogens, including Coronavirus, in a single air pass.* 

Designed to reduce the risk of 'air to person' transmission of viruses and remove the need to open windows to ventilate classrooms, our VIRUSKILLER™ air purifiers will support you to protect the pupils, staff and visitors at your school.

*When independently tested against Coronavirus DF2 (a surrogate for Coronavirus), Adenovirus, Influenza and Polio, the unit was found to kill 99.9999% of viruses on a single air pass.

ENVIROPure+ Service

Our ENVIROPure+ Service helps you provide fresh, purified indoor air to those spending time in your school.

The air purification unit is designed with a HEPA filter and works to remove airbourne particles with potentially harmful pathogens that can cause sickness, helping you to protect your pupils and teachers.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

There are multiple contact points within a school kitchen and servery area. If these areas are not clean and hygienic, it can create a health and safety risk for those who work in or use them.

Rentokil Specialist Hygiene’s Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH) accredited technicians can carry out kitchen deep cleaning to support you in providing safe catering facilities. Our tailored service options include:

- A thorough deep clean to help leave your kitchen and servery area clean and hygienic, helping to prevent the risk of cross contamination.

- Full kitchen deep cleaning of the structure, equipment, floors, walls and surfaces to revitalise your kitchen through the removal of all grease and carbon deposits.

- TR19 compliant kitchen extraction and duct cleaning from a BESA member, to help eliminate fire risks and ensure that your system is compliant with relevant guidelines and working at its best.

Washroom Deep Cleaning

Washrooms are high-risk areas for poor hygiene and cross contamination, if they are not cleaned regularly. Our washroom deep cleaning service will help remove hidden embedded germs and odour causing bacteria, providing a safe and clean environment for those using it. It will also help you to provide your pupils and teachers with a safe and clean space to carry out good hand washing practices.

Graffiti and Chewing Gum Removal

The perception and image of a clean environment is an important element of providing peace of mind to your pupils, staff and their families that your school is a healthy and clean environment.

The removal of all unsightly graffiti and chewing gum will help demonstrate your school’s efforts to provide a safe space for pupils to learn. Our technicians use EcoBlasting, an environmentally friendly method of carrying out graffiti removal and we can apply an anti-graffiti coating to make future removal easier. EcoBlasting can also be used to effectively remove chewing gum from your school playgrounds and other affected areas. After removing the chewing gum, our tarmac restoration service Regener8 can be used to restore tired and worn out surfaces. This improves the appearance of the surface and prevents chewing gum adhesion, making future chewing gum removal quicker and simpler.

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