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Toilet and Urinal Cistern Sanitiser

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Toilet and Urinal Cistern Sanitiser

Rentokil Specialist Hygiene’s advanced toilet and urinal sanitiser system is a hygiene maintenance program that ensures toilets and urinals are kept clean, hygienic and fresh smelling at all times.

Toilets and urinals are an ideal breading ground for bacteria that thrive on their damp conditions. The growth of this bacteria results in an increased risk of infection and the production of familiar unpleasant washroom odours.

The build up of uric salt deposits can also occur and lead to untimely blockages of the pipe work, resulting in forced down time for the washroom. To help combat the unhygienic bacteria and the formation of uric salts, it is essential that toilets and urinals are sanitised regularly.

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Automated Toilet and Urinal Sanitiser

Rentokil Specialist Hygiene’s automated toilet and urinal sanitiser system provides an economical and efficient method of reducing the amount of bacteria sprayed during the flushing ‘sneeze effect.‘

A measured quantity of sanitising fluid is released into the last phase of each flush. This solution treats the flush water helping to inhibit the build up of bacteria forming on the toilet and urinal surfaces as well as the surrounding flush affected area. It also helps prevent the build up of uric salt deposits helping to reduce potential blockages of the pipe work occurring.

Features of the Toilet and Urinal Sanitiser Service

  • Helps remove and improve washroom odours

  • Provides on-going protection against uric scale and bacteria build up

  • Cleans and reaches areas where daily cleaning can’t reach

Our Services

  • Rentokil Specialist Hygiene refill the sanitising fluid on a regular basis to ensure optimum performance of the sanitiser is maintained and washroom hygiene levels are improved. In conjunction with this service and to further improve the standard of washroom hygiene offered to your visitors, Rentokil Specialist Hygiene can also provide a washroom deep cleaning service to ensure the whole washroom is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.

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