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Food Production Cleaning Service

Food production and manufacturing facilities are critical businesses that require high-levels of hygiene and specialist cleaning solutions throughout the production process, from food handling to processing and packaging, making the need for scheduled specialist cleaning integral.

With regular deep cleaning, food production facilities can reduce the risk of unwanted pest infestations, unpleasant odours and product contamination. Cross contamination can occur through decomposing food matter and other deposits, building up between the edge of wall junctions, high-level areas and inside food production machinery.

At Rentokil Specialist Hygiene, we can provide a comprehensive deep cleaning service for food manufacturing areas and machinery to ensure your facilities are free from contaminants. Ensure your facility consistently and comprehensively meets audit standards with our extensive range of hygiene services for food manufactures. With our tailored cleaning solution options, we can ensure all food waste is disposed of and manufacturing downtime to your production schedule is reduced to a minimum.

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Food Production Specialist Disinfection Services

Many businesses, including those in food production, have been required to ensure that they have adequate measures to operate in accordance with the COVID-secure guidelines. We offer a FREE Hygiene Hotspot survey and make recommendations to help ensure your business is compliant with these guidelines and that your premises is as safe as possible.

Our All-Purpose Specialist Disinfection service will help you maintain a high standard of hygiene throughout your food production facility, offering assurance that your employees and visitors remain in a clean and safe environment. A range of disinfectant methods are used to ensure each area and object is treated as quickly and effectively as possible, including UV Disinfection which is the ideal treatment method for your sensitive food manufacturing equipment.

Our Food Production Cleaning Service and Process

  • With many food factories and production processes differing from one to another, we are able to tailor cleaning and disinfection solutions to your needs and our consultant will discuss your requirements with you.
  • With branches across the UK you can be sure that wherever you are we are local to you - perfect for multi-site facilities and large production facilities.
  • We operate with full awareness of BRC and AIB auditing standards and our teams work in conjunction with your in-house experts.
  • Comprehensive health and safety practice with extensive risk assessments means that our work is carried out safely and efficiently.
  • We are supported by Rentokil Pest Control and can offer a comprehensive solution where Stored Product Insects (SPI's) are present in the production process.
  • Cleaning in ATEX Areas - As part of our food production cleaning service, our ATEX industrial cleaners are used within high-risk environments by our expert technicians. ATEX areas, known as an explosive atmosphere, exist in a wide range of industries including within food manufacturing facilities. If there is a source of ignition or fire, this can lead to an explosion if coming into contact with a flammable materials or dust.

The Risks Of Poor Hygiene In A Food Manufacturing Facility

One of the main risks posed by poor hygiene within the food processing industry is the increased likelihood of food becoming unfit for human consumption and becoming “injurious to health”. The other consequences of poor hygiene within a food manufacturing facility include:

  • Contamination of products e.g raw meat
  • Cross-contamination of allergens
  • Pathogenic bacteria
  • Spread of diseases
  • Loss of reputation
  • Adverse public opinion
  • Poor staff relations
  • Loss of customers
  • Risk of prosecution and closure

How Do You Offer A Safe Food Manufacturing Facility?

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is a system to ensure that any of your products meet food safety standards, quality and legal requirements. Please note that all food manufacturers should have GMP hygiene management in place. More ways to ensure you can maintain a safe food manufacturing facility is to keep on top of the following:

  • Sound property construction
  • Sanitise surfaces
  • Production equipment cleaning
  • No pests
  • Environmental controls
  • QA and QC
  • Good housekeeping program
  • Adequate sanitisation and disinfection programme
  • Monitoring cleanliness of your premises

Contact our Food Production Cleaning Experts

When we say we are the experts we mean it. All of our Rentokil Specialist Hygiene technicians are trained with industry-leading RSPH qualifications, making them specialists in all types of hygiene cleaning and disinfection. We are always on hand to provide expert advice and recommendations on a range of cleaning and disinfection services. Alternatively, you can book a FREE survey with your local Rentokil Specialist Hygiene consultant with our online Book an Appointment form.