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Graffiti Removal

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Graffiti Removal Service

Fast and Effective Graffiti Removal Services

Rentokil Specialist Hygiene’s professional graffiti removal service can help return your surface to its original state. Our technicians can also apply an anti-graffiti coating after removing the graffiti as a preventive measure against future attacks and make future removal easier.

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About Our Graffiti Removal Services

Unsightly graffiti can have a negative impact on your business and put off potential customers. Graffiti on walls and surfaces can vary in styles and come in many forms such as paints, markers and adhesive labels, which can be difficult to remove with normal cleaning methods. Our expert technicians use specialist graffiti removal equipment to help remove the graffiti, without harming delicate surfaces or leaving marks or shadowing.

  • Removal of graffiti: Our EcoBlasting service is environmentally friendly and is less aggressive than traditional shot blasting methods. It uses compressed air and an abrasive to remove the graffiti, in order to help return the surface to its original state.

  • Prevention: After removing your unsightly graffiti, we can apply an anti-graffiti coating. To help ensure that future incidents can be dealt with quickly and easily. Our anti graffiti treatment is  available in two finishes - matte for discretion and gloss to act as a deterrent.

  • Highly qualified experts: Our experienced, Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) accredited technicians can deliver the right graffiti removal solution for you.

  • Free survey: Our local experts will assess your graffiti removal requirements and provide you with a comprehensive FREE quote.

Graffiti removal technican removing graffiti from stone

One of our technican's removing graffiti from stone.

Why Use Our Graffiti Removal Service?

  • We offer innovative, environmentally friendly and solvent free graffiti removal
  • Royal Society for Public Health accredited technicians
  • A reliable and responsive graffiti cleaning service
  • Nationwide graffiti removal service delivered by local branches

EcoBlasting: Our Graffiti Removal Solution

  • Uses compressed air and an abrasive, which is selected depending on the surface type and environment

  • Non-toxic and non hazardous to the environment

  • No aggressive or corrosive chemicals used

  • Can be used to remove graffiti from a range of surfaces including glass, wood, metal, brick and most stone surfaces (including soft stone surfaces)

  • More efficient than conventional graffiti removal methods

What Do Our Customers Say?

Graffiti Removal Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is graffiti?

    Graffiti is an act of vandalism that can be unsightly, offensive and have a widespread negative impact. Graffiti is regarded as criminal damage, under section 1 of the Criminal Act 1971.


  • What are the types of graffiti?

    There are many types of graffiti in different styles, ranging from different types of tags to using stencils. Traditionally when you think of graffiti you may think of someone using spray paint, however graffiti can also come in other forms such as marker pens, stickers and posters.

  • Who is responsible for graffiti removal?

    According to the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003, the person responsible for the surface on the building or property is accountable for the cost of getting the graffiti removed.


  • How do I request graffiti removal?

    To request graffiti removal, simply contact us by filling out a form on calling us.

  • How can I remove graffiti?

    There are many different techniques that can be used to remove graffiti from scrubbing with a brush, using a graffiti cleaner, although these can be time consuming and at times ineffective. Our technicians use our EcoBlasting service, which uses compressed air and an abrasive to effectively remove graffiti.

Our Graffiti Removal Treatment Process

1. Contact

Book a free graffiti removal survey appointment by either filling out a form or calling us. We will arrange for your local team to get in touch and carry out the survey at a time convenient to you.

  • Local team of specialist consultants
  • Calls returned within 4 hours of your enquiry (normal working office hours)

2. Free Survey

Our hygiene specialists will assess your graffiti cleaning requirements. They will then make any service recommendations and provide you with a comprehensive free graffiti removal quote for the work needed.

  • Survey appointments at a time convenient for you 
  • Experts in graffiti removal
  • Over 50 years of specialist cleaning experience

3. Our Solution

Our fully trained technicians will cater to any of your Graffiti Removal requirements. 

  • Use our EcoBlasting feature to help prevent and remove Graffiti
  • Providing a fast, responsive and professional service
  • Unique and Innovative methods of Graffiti Removal
  • RSPH Certified Technicians

4. Follow-up

We'll make site visits to ensure that you are happy with the service that was provided. 

  • Services rated excellent on Trustpilot 
  • Advanced graffiti prevention solution applied.
  • Graffiti prevention advice from professionals
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