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Chewing Gum Removal Service

Quick and Effective Bubble Gum and Chewing Gum Removal

The unattractive stains which are left dotted around can also have a negative effect on people’s perception of businesses that leave it untreated within their premises. Chewing gum is a very difficult type of litter to remove. Its sticky nature means conventional cleaning methods struggle to remove it from all types of surfaces.

The quick removal of chewing gum stains helps to ensure the area remains clean and tidy helping to discourage future attacks of graffiti or littering of chewing gum occurring. Our chewing gum removal solution does just that and ensures that your premises are free of chewing gum using effective chewing gum removal equipment. 

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Benefits Of Our Chewing Gum Removal Service

Rentokil’s fast and efficient chewing gum removal process offers minimal disruption to the business and surrounding area whilst the removal of these unattractive chewing gum blemishes takes place.

  • Helping to leave your area clean and chewing gum free

  • Eco friendly, non-toxic and non hazardous to the environment

  • Fast, efficient and hassle free removal service

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Expert Chewing Gum Removal Off Pavements

Our Chewing Gum Removal Solution

Rentokil Specialist Hygiene’s innovative chewing gum removal equipment and procedures provide a fast, efficient and environmentally-friendly way of removing unsightly chewing gum from tarmac, bricks, concrete, tiled floors, carpets and upholstery leaving them completely free of unappealing chewing gum stains.

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Chewing Gum Removal Facts

  • The total value of the entire chewing gum industry is estimated to be about $19 billion.

  • In the UK, 96% of local authorities have a problem with chewing gum and of these, 41% rate it as being a ‘major problem’.

  • Chewing gum takes up to 5 years to biodegrade.

  • Citizens who would not drop litter, will drop chewing gum. By educating people on the consequences of chewing gum damage, you could see a decline in occurrence.

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