Urnials with water saving device installed

Urinal Water Saving Device

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Urinal Flush Water Saving Device

Urinals can become a hotspot for bad odours, blockages and expensive water wastage without proper cleaning and flush control.  Rentokil Specialist Hygiene’s urinal water saving devices are an environmentally-friendly water saving solution that helps you maintain a clean and hygienic washroom.

Our PIR Water Manager

Our PIR Water Manager uses passive infrared sensor technology to detect washroom usage, enabling you to achieve maximum water saving without compromising urinal and washroom hygiene standards.

This device’s fully automated and programmable urinal flush controller ensures that the urinal is flushed regularly during times when the washroom is in use, and that water is not flushed unnecessarily. This helps you maintain a high level of hygiene within your washroom whilst providing efficient economical urinal flush control and water usage to help ensure you are meeting the requirements set out in The Water Supply Regulations 1999.

What are the Benefits of our Urinal Water Saving Device?

  • Reduce your water consumption by up to 90% compared to an uncontrolled urinal flushing cistern helping you to meet sustainability targets in addition to saving costs on your water bill.

  • Help prevent the build up of limescale and uric salts that can cause blockages.

  • Comply with regulations set out by The Water Supply Regulations 1999.

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Eco-Clear Service

Eco-Clear is our complete urinal hygiene solution. The sleeve contains good bacteria and penetrates scale. This, in addition to regular deep cleaning, helps to reduce the risk of blockages and maintenance costs. The patented odour lock valve will also help prevent unpleasant odours and when used in conjunction with our water manager, will help reduce your water consumption. Our Eco-Clear control valve can fit all existing flushable urinals so you don't have to invest in new waterless urinals.

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