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High Level Cleaning

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High Level Cleaning

Rentokil Specialist Hygiene is the UK’s leading high level cleaning expert, with a wealth of experience in a wide range of industrial and high level cleaning solutions. Our expert technicians use specialist high level access equipment to clean those hard to reach and confined spaces. 

Our high level cleaning services are designed to handle those cleaning tasks that are too hazardous to form part of your everyday cleaning and maintenance regimes. We provide a variety of industrial cleaning services to suit your requirements at a time convenient to your business, and have experience working in a range of sectors including industrial fabricators, food manufacturers and leisure facilities.

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What is High Level Cleaning?

The internal and external high level areas within industrial or commercial environments such as factories, food manufacturing sites, retail establishments, warehouses and leisure facilities can be extremely difficult to clean from ground level. Professional high level cleaning services are specifically tailored to the cleaning and sanitising of these areas at a height, including windows, light fittings, ceilings, walls and exterior cladding.

The health and safety implications and associated damages with working from a height mean that high level cleaning practices should always and only ever be undertaken by a trained professional with the correct equipment.

Our High Level Cleaning Service

If you require high level cleaning for your premises, our team will create a tailored cleaning solution based on your needs. We can provide emergency high level cleaning or a regular, scheduled high level cleaning service to help you maintain a high standard of hygiene and support you to ensure that your building is safe and hygienic.

Once our hygiene consultant has surveyed your premises and assessed your high level cleaning requirements, we will provide service recommendations based on your business’ needs with a free no-obligation quote. Our specialist equipment allows our technicians to carry out high level cleaning in your premises and are capable of dealing with all high level cleaning situations, utilising high level access equipment and advanced techniques.

Our cleaning team is also trained in confined space cleaning and will deliver tailored cleaning solutions. We will safely carry out our professional high level cleaning service at a time convenient to you, to help minimise disruption to your business and production down-time.

Why Use Our High Level Cleaning Service?

  • Experienced in providing high level cleaning for a wide range of industrial sites, including exterior cladding and guttering of buildings.
  • Service provided for a range of environments, including factories, industrial buildings, offices and public areas.
  • FREE no obligation high level cleaning survey.
  • Practical, cost effective services tailored to your needs.
  • Full site-specific risk assessment to help ensure health and safety standards are met.
  • Access to a range of high level cleaning and specialist equipment.
  • Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) Certified Technicians
  • Our technicians are fully trained to meet the demands of this specialist work and are equipped with the most advanced industrial cleaning equipment available

Our Methods of High Level Cleaning

When carrying out a high level cleaning job it is important that the correct cleaning and access equipment is used. Throughout all of our high level cleaning services, we consistently meet health and safety requirements and a full site-specific risk assessment is carried out prior to the work taking place.

Rentokil Specialist Hygiene uses a range of high level cleaning equipment to ensure our technicians’ safety whilst effective cleaning of high level areas is carried out. Depending on the nature of your high level cleaning requirements, our technicians will use a range of high level cleaning equipment and specialist cleaning equipment:

High level cleaning equipment:

  • Cherry Picker - An aerial crane with an extendable platform that can raise and lower, multi-purpose and flexible.
  • Scissor Lift - An aerial platform similar to a cherry picker but can only rise vertically.
  • Scaffold Towers - Freestanding fixed point temporary platforms used to support our technicians and their equipment to allow ease of access and mobility.
  • Rope Access Cleaning - Easy access to reach and clean high areas by abseiling below.
  • Suspended Platform - Used mainly for high rise window cleaning, access platforms with motorised or manual controls, raise and abseil the side of buildings
  • Safety Lines, Harnesses and Nets - Fall restraint equipment such as nets, airbags and harnesses to keep our technicians safe while they are cleaning high level areas.

Specialist cleaning equipment:

  • Jet Washers
  • Backpack Vacuum
  • Atex Vacuums
  • Wet and Dry Vacuum
  • Water Feed Brush
  • Long Reach Poles