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London Specialist Disinfection and Cleaning Services

We understand that dealing with any specialist cleaning and disinfection scenario is never an ideal situation for your home or business.

Our London branch offers local residents, businesses and facilities buildings a point of contact where a whole host of specialist hygiene services can be called upon, including; specialist disinfection, drain maintenance, washroom deep cleaning and commercial kitchen cleaning. Our range of solutions within the services is extensive and no matter what the job is you can be sure that we’ve got it covered.

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We are the UK’s largest national specialist cleaning company, delivering professional hygiene solutions to the city of London for over 50 years. Our clients in the London area enjoy a broad range of support in both specialist cleaning environments and high risk disinfection scenarios.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where in London do you cover?

    The London branch of Rentokil Specialist Hygiene covers:

    • Middlesex
    • East London
    • North London
    • City of Westminster
    • South East London
    • Surrey and South West London
    • Chelsea
    • Kensington and Fulham
    • West London

  • What are your opening times?

    We operate a 24hr service, 7 days a week . Call our team on 0808 273 4114 or contact us online.

  • Do you provide free survey?

    Yes, our team can provide a free survey to assess your needs and requirements in detail, at a time convenient to you and is without obligation.

Services We Offer Within London

Our clients in the local area enjoy a broad range of support in both specialist cleaning environments and high risk disinfection scenarios. Find out more about the services we offer in your local area:

Specialist Cleaning Services in London:

The local London team are trained in a range of specialist cleaning operations for both industrial and commercial businesses. This includes specialist cleaning of industrial areas, factories and silo cleaning, helping protect your working environment from debris and potential contamination.

Our experts are always on hand to provide helpful advice and service recommendations to our local London customers. With our survey you will receive a comprehensive service plan and risk assessment of the cleaning work required. Call your local branch today on 0203 797 1718 or simply Contact Us Online.

Industrial Cleaning Services in London:

We provide leading Industrial Cleaning solutions within the area of London, encompassing a range of commercial and heavy industry applications through many different markets. Our service quality is assured by our own industrial cleaning research and development team, which pursues the most effective and safest methods to treat industrial spills, damage and limited access areas.

Graffiti Removal Service in London

We provide a unique and innovative graffiti removal solution to help remove and prevent graffiti on your home or business. Graffiti on walls and surfaces is never the same and can take many forms, such as paints, waxy substances, chalks, felt-tip markers, ball point pens and adhesive labels which are all difficult to remove with normal cleaning methods. With that in mind, it's important you get a fast graffiti removal and prevention service.

Specialist Disinfection Services in London

Our specialist disinfection solutions also includes an effective void property cleaning service which has been particularly resourceful across all London boroughs where properties are abused by tenants and squatters and left to landlords to clean up. Our specialist hygiene experts will the sweep the property and remove any harmful sharps, decontaminate and clean the property, restoring it to a livable condition.

Biohazards such as bodily fluids and faeces can carry viruses such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV and the safe decontamination and cleaning of areas that have been exposed to a bio-hazardous incident is vital in order to reduce and eliminate the risk of infection to staff and customers. Our trained technicians are also able to remove other risks to public health such as needle, sharps and sewage.

For Emergency Disinfection situations for homes and businesses, we offer a comprehensive rapid response disinfection package Restore24, to treat your property after a trauma, sewage or a biohazard incident. Call your local London branch on 0203 797 1718 or contact us online.

Flood Damage Restoration Service In London

Our Specialist Flood Water Damage Cleanup service means that we are able to provide an effective solution to businesses throughout London. Our team of highly trained specialist hygiene professionals are on hand to eliminate any dangers and will quickly and efficiently have your property, equipment and belongings disinfected, cleaned and restored while minimising disruption caused by any damage.

24 Hour Emergency Cleaning Service In London

As the experts in specialist disinfection, we are able to provide our services to businesses and local authorities in London with our local Restore 24 package - A 24 hour a day emergency response package where our expert operatives return your business or property back to normal after a range of trauma scenes, crime scenes, biohazard cleaning and sharps removal. Our service can provide local healthcare environment vital decontamination and disinfection solutions, including operating theatres, patient wards and emergency vehicles. Our aim is to help reduce the downtime for the facility, while offering the best service in improving hygiene levels.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning in London

Our specialist kitchen cleaning team in London are highly capable at comprehensive deep cleaning for food manufacturing facilities and kitchens, reducing the risk of pest infestations, unpleasant smells and general product contamination. Commercial catering environments must adhere to strict legislation on hygiene standards, with failure to do so leading to fines, negative impact on the company's reputation and overall profitability.

Rentokil’s specially trained staff can ensure floors, walls ceilings, grease traps and ventilation are cleaned thoroughly helping to prolong the life of your  kitchen equipment and comply with relevant legislation.

Our experts are always on hand to provide helpful advice and service recommendations to our local London customers. With our Free Kitchen Survey you will receive a comprehensive service plan and risk assessment for you kitchen. Call your local branch today on 0203 797 1718 or simply book a Free Kitchen Survey Online.

Washroom Deep Cleaning Service In London

Its essential for businesses in London to have clean and hygienic washrooms for health and safety reasons. It is also essential you protect your customers and also staff from harmful bacteria within your washrooms on site, it's down to you to clean or organise a regular cleaning service. Included in the treatment of your washroom, we are able to offer a full deep clean, including pipe work cleaning, blocked urinals servicing, air sterilizing, installing and servicing toilet and urinal sanitiser systems and also installing and maintaining urinal flush managers in order to save on water bills.

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