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All-Purpose Specialist Disinfection

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All-Purpose Specialist Disinfection

On top of the safety precautions and social distancing measures you will be putting in place, a professional specialist disinfection service, where the entirety of your premises are disinfected, including all common touchpoints, can help provide assurance that your employees, customers and visitors are entering a safe and hygienic environment.

Scheduling regular professional specialist disinfection treatments can help protect against microbial infection and maintain a high level of hygiene throughout your premises, offering peace of mind to those visiting or working there that it remains a safe and clean environment. 

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Our All-Purpose Specialist Disinfection Service

Our all-purpose specialist disinfection service uses a range of innovative applications to suit every part of your premises, to help ensure that every area and object in your premises is disinfected as quickly and effectively as possible.

UV Disinfection

  • Ideal for medical rooms, computer suites, laboratories, server rooms, factory equipment and other areas with electrical and/ or sensitive equipment.
  • Fast disinfection using a UV lamp, so no chemicals or liquid disinfectants are used and no drying time is required.
  • UV light is a proven technology when it comes to reducing bacteria, viruses and other harmful organisms that pose a risk to human health.
  • Our expert technicians effectively disinfect surfaces and equipment that can be difficult to reach using the handheld UV lamp.

Disinfection Mist: Our Mist Blowing Space Treatment

  • Ideal for large seating areas, warehouses, sports halls, stadiums and entertainment arenas.
  • Our Mist Blowing Space Treatment powerfully blows out liquid disinfectant into big spaces, rapidly disinfecting the area.
  • Due to the speed of the jet and volume of air that is generated when using our unit, a substantial disinfectant mist volume is distributed over a greater area compared to conventional applicators, so that large areas can be treated quickly.

Electrostatic Disinfection

  • This method is ideal in offices, classrooms, washrooms, hospitality seating areas and other premises with multiple high risk touchpoints and objects such as tables, chairs and shared surfaces, as the disinfectant wraps around these to successfully treat even hard to read areas.
  • The electrostatic charge that is added to liquid droplets of disinfectant as it is sprayed from the unit, causes it to be drawn to surfaces like a magnet.
  • Our studies show that when using this method, it resulted in a faster application and a more effective wrap around the surface, for more efficient disinfection.  

We can provide you with a sticker that can be placed in your doorway or within your premises to indicate that your building is regularly disinfected by Rentokil Initial.

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