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Tarmac Restoration


Overtime, surfaces can look worn down due to high traffic, heavy use and some weather conditions. Rentokil Specialist Hygiene’s Regener8 tarmac and surface restoration paint can bring new life to a range of surfaces.

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1. Chewing Gum Adhesion

Helps prevent chewing gum adhesion

2. Oil Staining and Biological Growth

Helps prevent oil staining and biological growth

3. Prolongs the surface life

Helps prevent water ingestion to avoids future cracks and breakages

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why would I need to restore my surface with Regener8?

    Surfaces such as tarmac and concrete can become worn out and overtime. Regener8 can help prolong the surface lifespan, protecting it from further damage and potentially saving you money. It can also improve the appearance of a surface and prevent chewing gum adhesion, helping to make chewing gum removal easier.

  • What are the benefits of restoring my surface with Regener8?

    • Enhances image to the public with a restorative and decorative protection
    • Helps to prolong the life of your surface
    • Helps prevent chewing gum adhesion for easier removal
    • Helps prevent oil staining and biological growth
    • The ingress of water is avoided, which helps to prevent future cracks and breakage

  • What are the features of Regener8 tarmac restoration?

    • Extends the life and durability of surfaces  
    • Suitable for concrete and tarmac surfaces
    • Solvent free
    • Available in a black or red.

  • Where might I need to use a tarmac restoration service?

    Our easy application restoration coating can be applied to a range of surfaces and is perfect for bringing new life to concrete and tarmac surfaces such as;

    • School playgrounds
    • Carparks
    • Large outside surfaces

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