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Rubbish Chute Cleaning

Rubbish Chute Cleaning Service

In many high rise offices and residential tower blocks, refuse chutes provide a convenient means of waste disposal. The design and height of the waste chutes often make them extremely difficult to clean or keep hygienic, resulting in them becoming a health hazard within the premises.

Refuse chutes are in constant use and deal with large amounts of waste everyday. This waste can accumulate on the sides of the chute leading to potential blockages occurring and the build up of unpleasant offensive odours and bacteria developing. These deposits can also encourage pest infestations.

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Refuse Chute Cleaning Service Features:

  • Reduces risk of blockages

  • Eliminates unpleasant odours and bacteria

  • Improves and maintains hygiene standard of waste chute

Rubbish Chute Cleaning Service

As a result, refuse chutes require regular cleaning to be carried out. This ensures any waste inside the chute is removed helping to keep the chute clear, hygienic and fresh smelling.

Rentokil Specialist Hygiene offer a cost effective expert refuse chute cleaning and disinfection service that utilises advanced equipment and chemicals to ensure all aspects of the chute are fully cleaned, disinfected and sanitized. This process ensures all unpleasant odours and bacteria are totally eliminated with minimal disruption to your premises.

Rentokil Specialist Hygiene also provides an advanced bin store cleaning and disinfection service to fully ensure your waste disposal procedure is clean and hygienic.

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