What Is ULV Fogging And When Is It Used?

A deep clean of your house can be a pain. It’s amazing how much dust and dirt can build up in these hard to reach areas. So, spare a thought for those who need to clean care homes, schools and catering facilities, which need to be spick and span in order to keep customers safe.

In these facilities, hygiene standards are of upmost importance. Just wiping down surfaces with disinfectant is a common way to deal with infection control, however it is often time-consuming and not the most effective method. allowing dirt and grime to build up in hard to reach places, which can contribute to potential public health problems. Fortunately, hygiene professionals have a range of specialist methods available to them which allow large areas to be thoroughly cleaned in short periods of time.

One of these methods is called Ultra Low Volume (ULV) disinfectant fogging. Fogging, as its name suggests, involves creating a mist of disinfectant that can be quickly applied to a large area. This disinfectant mist settles on top of, underneath and on the sides of objects, soft furnishings, furniture and hard-to-reach areas, offering maximum surface area coverage.

Studies have shown fogging reduces the number of pathogens present when compared to manual surface cleaning alone. Using it in conjunction with routine and deep cleaning helps ensure that all areas are fully sanitised. Because of its effectiveness, fogging is often used in facilities where hygiene is critically important, such care homes, large catering facilities and schools. Fogging also has a quick drying time, which means that the process causes minimum disruption.

This speed makes fogging a valuable method of cleaning. When there is an outbreak of infection, such as norovirus, it is crucial that the infection is tackled as quick as possible. In a catering environment, a slow response to an outbreak can result in huge financial losses if business needs to be suspended while the infection is controlled. An outbreak in care home is even more serious, as it can pose a serious risk to the health of vulnerable residents. The mist generated by fogging allows a large area to be covered in a short amount of time, breaking the chain and combatting the infection.

Specialist treatments such as ULV fogging are carried out by experts who are fully trained and have comprehensive knowledge of safe operating procedures. ‘Self-delivered’ treatments have limited success when attempted by untrained personnel. Trained personnel can also carry out a Hygiene Healthcheck, which can reveal where special attention should be focused.

While the thought of a school or care home being filled with a disinfectant mist may seem a little out of the ordinary, it is an extremely effective method for cleaning larger facilities. This helps to keep germs at bay, keeping visitors and staff safe.