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Air Deodoriser

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Air Deodoriser

An unpleasant odour in the washroom can give the impression of poor hygiene and affect the customer's view of your organisation. Despite having a regular cleaning program in place to help prevent the primary causes of malodorous, odours can still occur and linger. 

With a warm and moist atmosphere, washrooms can be a high risk area and a breeding ground for bacteria, pathogens, viruses and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as mould and microorganisms. These can be spread through the air, as well as surface transmission.

Rentokil Specialist Hygiene’s Air Deodoriser uses patented technology to eliminate persistent washroom odours by utilising five air treatment techniques. This air treatment device ensures a continuous, hygienic and fresh smelling washroom environment.

Our Washroom Air Deodoriser

Our Air Deodoriser is a compact design specifically engineered to tackle organic washroom smells.

  • Low ozone emissions
  • Reduces need for chemical-based solutions e.g. urinal blocks and deodoriser sprays
  • Odours are replaced with a natural outdoor fresh smell

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