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Hygiene Hotspot Survey

Rentokil Specialist Hygiene offer a FREE bespoke Hygiene Hotspot Survey, to help ensure that you have adequate measures in place to operate in accordance with the government’s ‘COVID-secure’ guidelines, which are a legal requirement.

It is important to regularly review the hygiene measures that you have put in place to help keep everyone safe, and to support you to continue to operate safely as and when you are able to.

Our Approach

Germs and harmful pathogens, like those spread by someone with COVID-19, can be transmitted in 3 key ways:

The three modes of transmission; air to person, person to person and surface to person.

Our experts conduct a Hygiene Hotspot Survey and create a report that assesses four key areas: Hygiene Factors, Atmosphere, Touch and Social Distancing (HATS). We will then recommend solutions to help prevent cross contamination from each of the three key modes of transmission, and give our view of best practise hygiene recommendations that you and your team can self deliver. It is essential that all four areas are addressed in order to be as effective as possible.

Our Hygiene Hotspot Survey focuses on creating a report that assesses four key areas: Hygiene Factors, Atmosphere, Touch and Social Distancing (HATS).

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Hygiene Factors

Surface to Person Transmission

The first step is to review your current hygiene protocols as there are multiple potential hygiene hotspots in every premises. We know that every building is different and will have different requirements, demonstrating the need for bespoke hygiene recommendations.

Scheduling regular disinfection services can help you create and maintain a clean, safe environment and reduce the risk of microbial transfer from shared surfaces and high risk touchpoints to your staff, customers and those within your duty of care. We use a range of disinfection methods to ensure each area and object is treated as quickly and efficiently as possible. Find out more about our disinfection services.

We can provide you with a sticker that can be placed in your doorway or within your premises to indicate that your building is regularly disinfected by Rentokil Specialist Hygiene.


Air to Person Transmission

The quality of air in your building and the risks of air to person transmission can often be overlooked. Research has shown that a dry cough, which is a typical symptom of COVID-19, emits an average respiratory droplet around 15 microns in size. Extremely small particles of this size do not sink to the floor immediately, but are carried in air currents for up to 4 minutes and across several metres, before landing on surfaces, creating further risk of cross contamination.*

An air purification solution will filter harmful airborne particles and respiratory droplets to reduce the level of contamination in the air.

*(Research from Aalto University, the Finnish Meteorological Institute, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and the University of Helsinki, 2020)


Surface to Person Transmission

It is essential that everyone within your building follows good hand hygiene practises, for both their safety and the safety of those around them. When someone sneezes, coughs or even breathes, they are releasing droplets into the atmosphere. Not all of these droplets can be filtered using an air purification solution, and some will land on surfaces and objects. Regular disinfection of common touchpoints can help, but good hand hygiene offers an added level of protection to further reduce the risk of cross contamination from surfaces.

Within our survey report, we will advise steps you can take to encourage good hand hygiene practices. We also offer a range of hand sanitiser options that can be placed in shared entrances and regularly used areas to help promote good hand hygiene.

Social Distancing

Person to Person Transmission

In the final part of the survey we will review your daily processes and procedures and make practical recommendations for social distancing throughout your premises. Restricting the number of people at one time is one way to enable social distancing but there are other measures that should be taken for those who remain in your premises. Rentokil Specialist Hygiene can provide protective work screens to help keep them safe and protected, and our sister business offers bespoke social distancing mats to remind everyone to adhere to the guidelines.