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Disinfection Mist

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Disinfection Mist: Our Mist Blowing Space Treatment

Our Mist Blowing Space Treatment is used for rapid and effective disinfection of large, open spaces such as warehouses, sports halls and large seating and public areas, like auditoriums.

Our Disinfection Mist Blowing Space Treatment

Our expert technicians use a specialist disinfection system to distribute a substantial disinfectant mist over a greater area, compared to conventional disinfectant fogging and sprayer applicators. Due to the speed of the jet and the volume of air that is generated, our Mist Blowing Space Treatment powerfully blows out liquid disinfectant, allowing greater decontamination coverage of large areas.

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Why Choose our Disinfection Mist Blowing Space Treatment?


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  • 24/7 availability

  • Highly trained technicians equipped with specialist disinfection equipment and the essential PPE and RPE

  • Able to assist with infection control procedures in large space

Where do we use our Disinfection Mist Blowing Space Treatment?

Rentokil Specialist Hygiene uses a range of disinfection methods to suit every part of your premises, to help ensure that every area and object is treated as quickly and effectively as possible. Our Mist Blower Space Treatment is just one of our innovative application methods and is ideal for the disinfection of the following areas: 

Cinema and Theatre Auditoriums


Entertainment Venues


Large Seating Areas


Sport Stadiums


Sports Halls


School Assembly Halls


Lecture Halls