Commercial Kitchen Fires: How to prevent them, and clean up effectively if one occurs

Commercial kitchens are the beating heart of any hospitality business. Yet, in the busy and often hectic work environment of a bustling professional kitchen, ensuring they remain in peak condition - free from the build-up of dirt and grease - can drop down the priority list.

Not only does this lead to potential reputational issues, but it can also present a significant fire risk. According to government statistics, there were 2,764 fires in hospitality premises during the 2020/21 financial year alone in England. Such fires present a huge challenge to businesses. Of the estimated £12 billion annual cost of fire damage in the UK, £3.2 billion is accounted for by costs incurred following the fire - and an estimated 80% of hospitality businesses who have suffered a serious fire incident never recover.

It is therefore vital for hospitality businesses to both ensure that commercial kitchens are regularly deep cleaned to help reduce the risk of fire as well as to understand how to clean effectively to help prevent secondary damage as they work to reopen if a fire has occurred. 

The importance of deep cleaning for fire prevention

Within busy hospitality businesses, back of house areas such as kitchens and storage spaces, and equipment, including ductwork and extraction systems, can accumulate grease and other debris which pose a fire risk if they are not regularly cleaned. Effective commercial kitchen cleaning to remove accumulated grease, oil, and dirt is essential to help reduce the risk of potential fires - and to ensure businesses are compliant with TR19 standards, which can in turn lead to lower insurance premiums.

Carrying out regular, professional deep cleans of commercial kitchens can not only reduce the risk of fires, but also support compliance with insurance policy and safety regulations, improve overall hygiene standards, and improve the efficiency of kitchen equipment.

Commercial kitchen fires damage clean up

Fire damage restoration

But, if the worst happens and a fire does happen, how do you ensure effective fire damage restoration is carried out appropriately?

The damage caused by a fire can have serious impacts - not only to the structure of your premises but also to its appearance, with porous surfaces expanding, allowing soot and odours to enter. In addition, fire damage can have secondary effects that can lead to health problems, such as stridor, dyspnoea and respiratory distress, for customers and staff. As such, it’s vital to ensure that any fire damage is assessed and cleaned up by a professional as soon as it is safe to do so.

A professional fire damage restoration team has the knowledge to assess the damage caused and determine the necessary restoration required to prevent any further damage and deterioration of the building and equipment. Rentokil Specialist Hygiene offers several restoration options, including EcoBlasting - an environmentally friendly solution that utilises compressed air and abrasives fired through a hose onto the affected area, to remove carbon and soot. This process is kind to surfaces, reducing further damage to your property, whilst removing the visual signs of fire damage as well as the associated odours.

Fires may also cause some odours as a result of the spread of smoke or the chemical breakdown of protein molecules, bacteria, and organic matter. When left, molecules causing nasty odours are simply allowed to linger and intensify, and can be absorbed by soft furnishings and upholstery, making these smells harder to remove in the long-run. Odour removal services such as ozone treatment help remove malodours by naturally cleaning the air and destroying odours.

Restore swiftly with expert fire damage cleanup

Commercial kitchen fires can be a real challenge for any business, damaging property, and causing reputational issues as well as presenting significant financial challenges when a business is out of operation for an extended period. Whether it’s conducting regular deep cleans to aid fire prevention, or helping your business get back on its feet after a fire, Rentokil Specialist Hygiene offers a host of specialist cleaning services to help create a safe environment for both your staff and customer.