Don’t let poorly maintained bin areas lead to you potentially throwing away profits

The bin strikes occurring across a number of counties nationwide are presenting significant challenges for homes and businesses. Aside from being unsightly to look at, when rubbish is not collected and taken away, bin storage areas can quickly become a hub for harmful bacteria and pose a public health hazard.

In addition to the hygiene risks, unclean or overflowing bins and bin stores provide a perfect environment for opportunistic pests such as rats, mice and flies - which are attracted to the easy access to decaying food scraps they offer, as well as warmth and shelter.

For many businesses for whom the summer period will see increased customer footfall, poorly maintained bin areas can quickly present a significant reputational risk.

Whilst customers are unlikely to be seated directly next to the waste disposal area of a pub or restaurant, unpleasant smells can easily travel, and rodent infestations or issues could be visible. It’s therefore vital that business owners and managers do not allow bin areas to become an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ issue, and take the necessary measures to ensure they do not have a negative impact on their reputation and therefore profits. 

How can you ensure bin stores are kept clean and hygienic?

Debris can easily accumulate on the floor around waste storage areas and bin stores, so it is important that it is swept regularly to limit food debris and resulting bad smells. 

It is also important that  waste bins are cleaned once they are emptied as well as storage areas after waste collections to ensure that any left-over food/rubbish is removed and not allowed to build-up.  

Rentokil Specialist Hygiene offers a cost effective and efficient cleaning and disinfection service for bin store areas that eliminates unpleasant odours and ensures the area is clean and hygienic.

To help prevent rodents from nesting in the area, bins should be properly sealed and have tightly fitting lids to ensure they cannot be easily accessed. Rats have surprisingly hard incisor teeth and dexterous paws, so it is worth considering additional measures such as locks to help  prevent entry to potential food sources.

If bins are kept near buildings and properties, it is important to take the necessary steps to seal entry points to the premises to prevent rodents from gaining access. Materials such as Rentokil’s Flexi Armour range of proofing materials can block potential entryways via gaps or cracks acting as a first line of defence against rodents.

For flies, which are an inevitable visitor to bins and bin storage areas, fly traps such as EcoCatch External Fly Control can help to limit the volume of flies in outside areas. 

Professional Bin Store Cleaning Service

There is always a risk of bin and storage areas becoming unhygienic, smelly and a haven for pests if attention is not paid to keeping them clean and rodent-proofed.

By investing in a regular clean of these areas to ensure debris doesn’t accumulate, with professional deep cleans are required, and by keeping a careful eye on potential pest entry points you can help make sure your bin area is not letting the rest of your business down.

If pest infestations do occur, Rentokil Pest Control offer pest control solutions to both locate and eliminate them depending on their species and the size of the infestation.