Thousands of homes and businesses missing out on full energy generation potential of this week’s summer solstice

UK homes and businesses could lose the equivalent of eight hours of solar generation today, the summer solstice, after dry spring leads to build-up of dust.

Rentokil Specialist Hygiene today launches advanced solar panel cleaning services in partnership with UKSol.

21 June 2023 - Thousands of homes and businesses will be left out of pocket this summer according to experts from Rentokil Specialist Hygiene. The organisation which has launched a new solar panel cleaning service to boost the efficiency of domestic and commercial electricity generation, warns that dirty solar panels will see homes and businesses potentially miss out on the equivalent of eight hours of sunshine on the summer solstice.

Almost 17 hours of daylight are due to fall on the UK’s 14.6GW* of residential, commercial and industrial rooftop solar capacity today, but Rentokil Specialist Hygiene warns that energy generation could be cut by up to half due to dust and pollen coating the panels. Dry and hot periods result in dirt settling on solar panels reducing their efficiency and decreasing their power output by up to half** by blocking or scattering the incoming sunlight. Manufacturers recommend that panels are regularly cleaned to maximise their efficiency.

To boost Britain’s generation potential Rentokil Specialist Hygiene today launched a solar panel cleaning service in partnership with UKSol. The service uses pure deionised water to remove dirt and debris from solar panels without leaving lime deposits behind on the glass, and is twice as fast as traditional techniques.

Jamie Woodhall, UK Technical and Innovations Manager at Rentokil Specialist Hygiene comments:
“One in six homes and businesses now have solar panels yet few of us realise just how much money we could be missing out on by failing to have them regularly cleaned. Manufacturers recommend panels are cleaned up to twice a year, and with hotter, drier springs and summers in the UK becoming more common, dust and pollen deposits are a growing problem.

“Failing to clean your solar panels could cut your generation capacity by the equivalent of eight hours in June, reducing output to the same levels as the depths of winter. Our advanced solar panel cleaning services remove dirt and debris from solar panels without damage or residue, helping them to maintain their maximum efficiency and prevent long term performance decreases”.

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solar panel clenaing service by Rentokil Specialist Hygiene