The specialist cleaners who help to show Britain at its best

From the Coronation celebrations in May, to bank holiday events and festivals, the success of any large-scale event depends on the hard work of thousands of dedicated professionals.  Not least, the specialist cleaners who help to ensure the nation’s buildings and public spaces are kept  pristine and safe for visitors from across the globe.

Let’s pay tribute to those who will be working behind the scenes to show Britain at its best this summer.

Recognising the specialist cleaners who help to show Britain at its best

High Level Cleaning

Specialist cleaning teams help businesses and local authorities nationwide to keep structures, roofs and public spaces clean and fresh.

High level cleaners are specially trained to clean hard-to-reach areas effectively and safely, from exterior cladding to high-level windows, signage and roofs.

Bird Poo (AKA Guano)

Areas of high footfall unfortunately bring with them an increase in unwanted pests such as pigeons and gulls, looking for an easy meal. And with birds, come bird droppings! It has been estimated that an individual feral pigeon deposits around 12kg of excrement each year; equivalent to approximately 50 times its body weight.

Removing bird droppings is not just a question of aesthetics and hygiene; it is also essential to the maintenance of the built environment, with guano containing high levels of uric and other acids which can attack calcium carbonate and other 'binders' in natural stone, artificial stone and even concrete!


Recent activity by protest groups has led to an increase in associated stickering and graffiti, which can create an unwelcome environment and encourage other anti-social activity.

Eco-Blasting is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic process that enables graffiti to be removed quickly and professionally, without harming delicate surfaces, or leaving behind any marks or shadowing on the surface.

Final Thoughts

The start of a new Carolean era can also represent the start of a new Clean era, and our teams will continue to work hard at keeping our nation looking its best.

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