Running your business with socially distanced Alfresco dining

Pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants were given the green light to reopen from the 4th July, after nearly four months of closure. 

No doubt, many Brits are eager to socialise, albeit with social distancing restrictions still in place. As per government guidelines, these businesses are only allowed to provide table service, to help ensure social distancing between hospitality staff and fellow patrons. Where possible, customers are also required to order via apps. 

The reopening of these businesses will hopefully coincide with warmer temperatures meaning that ‘Alfresco’ dining is likely to be welcomed by customers and business managers alike, offering a nice atmosphere and a reduced risk of viral transmission. This means it is important for you to ensure both your business’ indoor and outdoor areas are prepped to operate safely.  

For the highest standards of hygiene possible, you may want to consider bringing in some extra support in the form of specialist cleaning. Professional help can provide you with the peace of mind that outside eating areas as well as your indoor facilities are ready for an influx of patrons, keeping your staff, customers and the community as safe as possible.

Arrange a deep clean before opening

As you continue to welcome customers back into your premises, hospitality business owners should look to book professional deep clean treatments that include a thorough clean of outdoor areas. 

Deep cleans should be carried out at least twice a year, but it is likely that this frequency may need to increase, depending on your hours of operation and the nature of your business. They should be carried out by a professional cleaning company, ideally while the premises are empty. Professional cleaning teams are trained to tackle hard-to-reach or rarely seen areas where potentially harmful micro-organisms might be hiding, so will provide the best service for your business at a time when expectations around hygiene are heightened.  

A deep clean should include a thorough disinfection of high frequency touchpoints, as well as moving all outdoor furniture or equipment away from the walls to make sure no areas are missed from the standard cleaning routine. Our technicians use a range of innovative disinfection and deep cleaning methods to suit every part of your premises. One powerful tool in the deep cleaning arsenal is Electrostatic Disinfection, which involves adding an electric charge to disinfectant droplets as they are sprayed. This causes the disinfectant to be drawn to surfaces like a magnet, resulting in a faster application and a more effective wrap around the surface. For larger open areas, technicians would use our Mist Blower Space Treatment, as due to the speed of the jet and volume of mist generated, it treats large open areas quickly and effectively. 

Our Kitchen Deep Cleaning service also delivers a high standard of kitchen hygiene, where burnt on carbon and fat deposits are removed, ensuring any potentially harmful bacteria are eliminated. Trained specialists will also tackle all areas including floors, walls, ceilings and lights as well as thoroughly cleaning all kitchen fittings and equipment. In the long term, this can help to prolong the life of your kitchen equipment. Grease deposits can also build-up in your extractor fans and ducting, potentially increasing your risk of a kitchen fire. Rentokil Specialist Hygiene is a BESA member and provides TR19 compliant kitchen ventilation deep cleaning, and a TR19 compliant report, to support you in remaining in line with TR19 guidelines and reducing your fire risk. 

You should also consider proactively preparing in case an unscheduled deep clean is required, such as in the event you have a suspected or confirmed Coronavirus diagnosis onsite. This would require a contingency survey of the premises, typically offered by hygiene experts to gather key information in advance including a site-specific risk assessment, to enable a quick response in the event of a Coronavirus case being reported at a later date by a customer or employee who has been in your premises.

Regular cleaning is essential

It is important to ensure that outdoor areas are not only disinfected, but also that they are clean and tidy in order to put customers’ minds at ease. 

You should ensure that your business has regular cleaning processes in place to maintain hygiene standards across the premises, including outdoors. We advise that this regular clean is scheduled and tracked, ensuring that it takes place consistently and on time. Pressure washing your patio during a morning’s downtime will also help to ensure the place looks spotless before reopening, at a time when cleanliness will be front of mind for all customers. 

All hospitality business owners have a responsibility to ensure their premises are clean and hygienic, especially against the backdrop of the pandemic. The health and safety of customers, staff and the wider community is the most important thing to keep in mind at all times. Click here to book a free survey and find out how a specialist cleaning team can help keep your premises in top condition as you operate this summer.