Preparing your premises for an Indian Summer

Following the hottest July temperatures on record, the rain of recent weeks might fool you into thinking that summer is over. But that’s certainly not the case. Brits are preparing for another Indian summer this year, with highs of 30°C expected towards the end of August and early September

Anyone who works in the catering industry will know that as soon as temperatures rise, so does the number of punters descending on beer gardens, pop-up cafes/restaurants and other outdoor eating areas.

While the surge of customers is certainly good news for the company coffers, it can be a challenge to prepare for this increased footfall. Not only does your team need to operate like a well-oiled machine to keep customers satisfied, there’s the added challenge of maintaining hygiene standards between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

To help address this, you may want to consider bringing in some extra support in the form of a specialist cleaning company. With their help, you can ensure your outside eating areas are ready for the forecasted soar in temperature, giving your team the chance to focus on providing the best customer service possible.

Keeping outdoors spaces looking spotless

Ask anybody who has wanted to enjoy a drink in the sun, and they will probably tell you outside seating areas can get extremely busy between July and September, before dropping in popularity in the winter months. Therefore hygiene standards in these outdoor areas need to be maintained right until the end of Autumn. 

Chewing gum, for example, is a very difficult type of litter to remove from patios and if left to build up all through summer, can pose a problem. Its sticky nature also means that conventional cleaning methods struggle to remove it.

Rentokil Specialist Hygiene’s chewing gum removal process provides a fast, efficient and environmentally-friendly way of removing unsightly chewing gum from tarmac, leaving it completely free of unappealing chewing gum stains afterwards.

Pressure washing your patio during a morning’s down time will also help to ensure the place looks spotless before our Indian summer kicks in.


Going beyond routine cleaning

An increase in customers with good weather may well mean, the amount of food prepared and cooked by kitchen staff is likely to increase. While the routine cleaning of equipment and surfaces in the kitchen is vital throughout summer, it will not suffice as a preventative method against deposits of dirt, dust and grease in hard-to-reach areas, for example underneath cooking appliances. 

To combat these hygiene ‘blind spots’, a thorough, deep clean should be carried out at least twice a year by a professional cleaning company, who will have access to specific equipment to safely carry out cleaning and disinfection in the kitchen. Our Kitchen Deep Cleaning service delivers a high standard of kitchen hygiene, where burnt on carbon and fat deposits are removed, ensuring any potentially harmful bacteria are eliminated. Trained specialists will also tackle hard-to-reach areas like floors, walls, ceilings, lights as well as thoroughly cleaning all kitchen fittings and equipment. In the long term, this will help prolong the life of your kitchen equipment.

All catering and facilities managers have a responsibility to ensure their premises is clean and fit-for-purpose throughout the entire summer period. This guarantees a good customer impression, while also ensuring a hygienic space for employees to work in. Click here to book a free survey and find out how a specialist cleaning team can help get your premises in top condition.