A lesson in tarmac restoration

Any surface left to the elements can begin to look worn over time due to heavy use or adverse weather conditions. One area where this can happen even more rapidly than most is a school playground. Across the country, playgrounds withstand the games and play of hundreds, even thousands of pupils, every day. It's not just the playground either; footpaths and car park surfaces can also suffer when they are subject to high levels of traffic at peaks times of the school day.

By the time the school bell rings and the academic year is over, the tarmac on site is likely to be in a very different state to how it was at the beginning of the school year. With students and teachers off site for six weeks, the summer holidays are a great time to get school ground surfaces back in top condition.


Enter Regener8

Regener8 is Rentokil Specialist Hygiene’s surface restoration paint, designed to bring new life to a range of suitable concrete or tarmac surfaces. Regener8 is available in black or red, and is also solvent free, reducing any potential health risks.

Regener8 works by:

  • Prolonging surface life
  • Preventing oil staining and biological growth
  • Reducing chewing gum adhesion


What are the benefits?

Regener8 helps to prolong surface lifespan and protect from further damage, which means less requirement for repairs or restoration, which ultimately results in savings. The paint also helps to prevent water ingression, which reduces the risk of future cracks and breakages caused by rainfall.

While restoring ground surfaces is a simple step to helping improve the aesthetic appearance of your school, the benefits don’t end there, as Regener8 also prevents the adhesion of chewing gum. This makes chewing gum removal much easier, although if it still proves to be an issue, it may be worth drafting in the help of an eco-friendly chewing gum removal service during the summer break too.

With the school holidays upon us, now is the ideal time to look at restoring your tarmac and concrete surfaces, so they’re spick and span for the start of the new academic year in September. To book a free survey and learn how Rentokil Specialist Hygiene can help, visit our website.