Happy 2016! Make a clean kitchen your New Year’s resolution

The New Year has been and gone and, unless you’ve got particularly lazy bones, those spent party poppers and empty glass bottles and half-devoured cheeseboards will have been chucked into bin bags or filed into the recycling.

And for some smaller businesses, the perfect New Year’s Day treat is similar to your party clear-out – a deep clean for their premises. Many companies will witness a downturn in January profits as consumers take a post-Christmas breather from purchases. So, while everyone’s veering away from retail premises, restaurants or cafes in the first month of 2016, this could be the perfect time to give your workplace a thorough clean.

Sparkling premises

The hygiene standards of kitchens in all eateries should be optimal, no matter what time of the year. A quick Google of hygiene ratings in the news will show you tens of cafes and restaurants shutting their doors because of filthy food prep areas.

Some, such as the cat cafe in Leicester, are obvious hygiene concerns, while others might receive a poor hygiene rating thanks to minor factors, like the tops of refrigerators or the inside of ventilation systems.

Our commercial kitchen cleaning services can be the kick start to the year that your company needs, providing a thorough and precise scrub. We’ve got the professional touch to keep your kitchen up to par for the coming year.