Challenges Of Food Hygiene Ratings

The tension is mounting for eating establishments – councils are urging them to place their hygiene rating on shop fronts or risk losing customers.

According to local news site the Telegraph & Argus, fewer than half of takeaways, restaurants and cafes in Bradford are displaying their food hygiene ratings.

Out of 260 establishments visited by health inspectors, only 116 were found to be displaying “scores on doors”, effectively stopping customers knowing their rating without checking the internet.

Rating stickers, distributed by the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA), are optional for display, although all scores can be found on the FSA’s website.

A wide-scale issue

This situation isn’t isolated to Bradford, however. A quick walk along your local high street will show you myriad eateries without ratings. If you’re in the minority of eating establishments failing to make the grade with the FSA, we can help.

Our commercial kitchen cleaning services are available to ensure every nook, cranny and hard-to-reach surface is cleaned to industry standards.

Avoiding closure

Without consistent cleanliness in your kitchen, the FSA can do more than give you a poor rating – it can shut your doors altogether.

We’ve perfected our deep cleaning solutions to make sure your kitchen is spotless, and we’ll even arrange a time that’s convenient to your business.

If you want to know more, click on this link. And if you’re a customer who’d rather not chow down on a mouthful of E coli, take a look at the FSA’s site before you eat out.