Poor Cleanliness Standards In Prison Cells

The clink, the slammer, doing porridge – no matter how you view it, being sent to prison isn’t a barrel of laughs. You’ve done the crime, so you’ll have to do the time – but that doesn’t mean your health should be put at risk.

Yet prison cells up and down the country are hygiene nightmares, according to recent reports.

As reported by the BBC, the HM Inspectorate of Prisons has slammed the condition of court cells in England and Wales as “squalid”, going on to call them an “accident waiting to happen”.

Viewing a number of cells in a various courthouses, inspectors found that almost all were below par.

In addition to low hygiene standards, cells were scrawled with racist and homophobic graffiti, while a large number were windowless.

Filthy cells across the country

Chief inspector of prisons Nick Hardwick has recommended that these holding cells are given a major overhaul. The Courts and Tribunal Service claims that all reported cells are in the process of being deep-cleaned.

Dirty cells are a major problem for prisons, as well as courts. Without regular and thorough cleaning, bacteria will flood through a facility, leading to sick prisoners. The necessity of a deep clean will be heightened if a prisoner participates in a dirty protest, in which excrement is used to protest in cells.

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