Drainage dismay:

Blocked drainage systems are the bane of councils everywhere. They’ll flood city centres, delay public transport and monopolise the working day of city cleaners.

But they’re an inevitability you’ll struggle to avoid in the long run.

It’s an issue that Sheffield’s local authority will be more than aware of – they’ve been crowned Britain’s ‘sewer blockage hotspot’, with over 9,110 blockages this year.

According to local newspaper The Star, Sheffield’s 52,500km of sewer has suffered blockages from items as diverse as space hoppers, false teeth and gold jewellery.

The number one source of blockage, however, is wet wipes, of which several tonnes are pulled from sewage treatment plants every weekend.

DON’T block it

Sheffield’s sewage problem has become so difficult that Yorkshire Water have started a campaign called ‘Stop it, don’t block it’, advising local residents only to use toilets for bodily functions.

Speaking to The Star, James Harrison, technical manager at Yorkshire Water, said: “In Sheffield, we’re noticing a significant increase in the amount of sewer blockages related to wet wipes in particular.

“We understand information from manufacturers can be quite confusing as some products say flush-able on the packaging; however, we would urge people to flush only ‘the 3 P's’ and to put anything else in the bin.”

But there’s more to sewage than cost. Sewage contains parasites and bacteria that could be toxic when left untreated.

Our rapid sewage cleanup service is designed to reduce the negative impact of a blocked sewer, containing and disposing of the offending waste.

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