Bird Droppings In City Centres

Gone are the days when we could rely on Dick Dastardly and Mutley to catch our pigeons – nowadays, not even a cartoon chase in a hot air balloon can combat the number of vermin stalking our streets.

Indeed, pigeons have rarely been so despised throughout history. Referred to as flying rats by some, local councils think these feathered fiends have outstayed their welcome in city centres.

Like chewing gum and litter, cleaning bird droppings from pavements costs local councils thousands of pounds every month.

Liaising with us, Witham Town Council have decided to act on their bird dropping problem, devising various possibilities to deter pigeons from their town centre.

Solutions have ranged from netting, electrical bird deterrents and a special gel infused with ingredients that will irritate the birds into finding another location.

The dismay of bird poo statues

Meanwhile, a statue of physician William Harvey in Folkstone has been criticised for being covered in bird filth.

According to local paper the Folkstone Herald, Labour group secretary Dylan Jeffrey complained: "Really sad to see the state of the statue which could have been cleaned up prior to the service."

Bird faeces are more than a nuisance, however – their accidental consumption could lead to serious illness.

As long as councils allow birds to linger around city centres, residents will get ill, or step in some droppings themselves.

If you’re searching for bird dropping removal in city centres (or elsewhere), we’ve got the right tools for you – so get in touch.