Impact Of Fire Damage

It rages through buildings, roars through forests and slices through plasterboard like a knife through hot butter – yet few people are conscious of the danger really posed by flames.

Indeed, the ease with which a blaze careers out of control can be startling to some. A simple candle falling over in a bedroom could spark a fire that will ravage an entire apartment block.

The Fire and Rescue Services in Great Britain attended 212,500 fires in 2013-14. That’s 212,500 incidents in which flames could have destroyed homes and businesses – or even taken lives.

Yet when the flames have been dampened and all that’s left of a building is a mass of ash and blackened mortar, what do building owners do?

They do the only thing they can – they rebuild.

Time to rebuild

Flames having almost destroyed their livelihood, owners of a business are running on borrowed time. While insurance will cover a large portion of building costs, the rebuilding process itself will see you haemorrhaging cash while your premises remains shut. 

Before any real construction can begin, however, the cleaning process has to be completed – and it’s a process that requires professionals.

Within the ashes, toxic substances in your workplace could have bubbled over. Adding to this is structural unsafety, as well as the struggle of removing deeply embedded ash from surfaces. You’ve got a hefty job on your hands.  

It’s for this reason that we pride ourselves on efficient and effective fire and smoke damage clean up services. With our bleeding edge technology, you’ll have a premises that looks spick and span in no time, leaving it ready for any building work you desire.

So if your fire safety precautions have failed, you know who to call to clean up the mess.