Cost Of Chewing Gum Removal

You’ve stepped on it in nightclubs and found it under restaurant tables. You’ve swallowed It accidentally and scraped it off your shoe in a fury.

Chewing gum – it’s the blight we withstand, all for a minty fresh breath.

That sticky icky gum has even been banned in Thailand for the mischief it causes. But – you might be thinking as blow a Wrigley’s extra fresh bubble – what exactly is the problem?

For the most part, gum is an antisocial nightmare – and it’s costing councils a lot more than 40p.

While the inappropriate disposal of chewing gum is an offence under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, screeds of people continue to spit it onto pavements with abandon. This disregard for the law costs local councils more 20 times the cost of gum itself.

In most cases, these irritating stains on the pavement amount to little more than aesthetic problems. But they could also spread tuberculosis and other infectious illnesses.

Streets paved with goo

Some local authorities have taken positive steps to clear these blights from the street for good.

Cllr Robert Benham of Romford has said, “We have done an element of cleaning on this section but that’s taken many weeks even when you remove the gum it leaves an oil based mark that has to be scrubbed again.”

The problems are manifold for councils. How do they justify exorbitant prices and keep the streets clean? And how can they prevent the problem before it happens?

Although we don’t have all the answers, we can clean the gum from your streets and stop you getting all chewed up by irritated residents. So why not get in touch – before you head for a Hubba Bubba nightmare?