Problems Of Chewing Gum

No trip to Wiltshire is complete without paying a visit to Stonehenge.

However, recent day-trippers to this famous prehistoric monument were shocked to find chewing gum stuck to the ancient stones.

The damage occurred during the Winter Solstice, with details from a Heritage Journal report also revealing graffiti was sprayed on to the stones.

Volunteers and staff at the iconic attraction were tasked with cleaning up the mess left by revellers celebrating the shortest day and longest night of the year, with one worker claiming the majority of attendees “have little care for an ancient monument, and utterly disrespect it”.

As a result, conservationists are keen to enforce a ban on people walking among the stones during the Solstice, but an English Heritage spokesman speaking to The Telegraph said although they are “greatly saddened” by the damage, they will “continue to facilitate access during the Solstices.”

Removing Chewing Gum and Graffiti

While the chewing gum and graffiti situation at Stonehenge is certainly out of the ordinary, the damage both can cause – aesthetically and emotionally – is a widespread problem throughout other parts of the UK.

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