Importance Of Cleaning Empty Properties

Empty properties are some of the more depressing sights of any city. Their windows covered by metal panelling, doors reinforced to deter intruders, they can bring entire streets into disrepute.

What’s more, these vacant homes and businesses could be put to good use.

Yet this elephant in the room is routinely ignored by local councils.

National newspaper the Guardian have reported that powers for English councils to bring empty homes back into use were employed a mere 17 times in 2014.

The underused order allows councils to take partial ownership of a property while the real owners work to make it habitable again.

And, although the scheme has existed since 2006, it has remained largely underused.

Green Party MEP Keith Taylor, who obtained these figures, said, “It’s totally scandalous to have thousands of homeless people sleeping rough when there are nearly a million empty houses.

“Bringing empty properties back into use is a quick win. Today’s shocking figures highlight government failures to get to grips with the issue of empty homes, and clearly illustrates that the Edmo system is failing.”

How we can help

With the issue of housing at such acute levels, the need to make empty homes habitable again is vital – and that’s where we come in.

We’ve long been specialists in void property cleaning, and can help clients gain properties that are habitable once again.

Filled with potential bacteria, vagrants and scents that could make you wince, the professionals are the most fully qualified for this task.

So, let us help you sort out the housing crisis – we’ve got the clean-up skills.