Importance Of Cleaning Up Needles

Pick up a newspaper on any given day and it’s likely a story about a distressed civilian coming into contact with a discarded needle will jump out. 

Alarmingly, in Scotland alone, members of the public in the largest towns and cities have reported nearly 4,000 discarded needles in the last two years.

Indeed, it’s not only abandoned houses used as drug dens that contain the associated paraphernalia, with needles, syringes and blades often found in bins, toilets and even play parks.

But why is this such a prickly issue?

Because carelessly discarded needles can result in puncture wounds, allowing highly infectious blood borne pathogens – including hepatitis B and HIV – to be passed on to the person who comes into contact with the sharp.

Here at Rentokil Specialist Hygiene, we understand the dangers of sharps, with the safe and controlled removal of needles, syringes and other objects vitally important in the fight against harmful diseases. 

Whether you require sharps removed from a public area or an abandoned house frequented by drug users, we’ll send our highly trained team in to conduct a needle sweep and dispose of any dangers safely and quickly.

Fancy finding out more? Please contact a member of our team for further information – we’d be happy to help.