How To Avoid A Zero Food Hygiene Score

It’s the dread of dreads for restaurant owners across the UK; it leaves a shiver down their spine; their hairs stand on end and eyes bulge at the mere thought of it.

All that hard work, that backbreaking labour – and they have a hygiene rating of zero.

Indeed, now that restaurants are legally required to display their hygiene rating, the pressure felt from a poor score is even higher. Would you ever want to eat in a certified cesspit of filth and bacteria?

The media, too, are increasingly ratting out unclean establishments. Just take a brief glance through the news and you’ll see countless media outlets telling you where not to eat (unless you see the enterovirus as an exotic form of salad dressing).

According to BBC News, consumers in Wales are even being advised to ask takeaway companies their ratings over the phone. And if it isn’t up to snuff, simply hang up.

For the consumer, this is a godsend. For the restaurant owner, it’s a task of constant vigilance.

To ace a hygiene inspection, food outlets have to stay clean at all times, lest a random inspector shows up and rains on their bacteria-ridden parade.

But we all know that those more difficult to reach areas (grease traps and ventilation ports being two prime examples) need more expertise than your standard dishwasher can manage.

That’s why we provide commercial kitchen cleaning to keep the hub of your food preparation as clean as a whistle. If those hygiene inspectors come knocking, you won’t be anything other than spotless.

The dread of dreads can be a lot to take on by yourself. But we can relieve some of the strain.