How To Improve Your Businesses Hygiene Levels

It’s certainly a challenge trying to keep your business clean.

While the staff canteen can be disinfected feverishly, the toilets scrubbed until the porcelain comes off and keyboards furiously wiped down, there’s one area typically neglected ...

... and it’s right over your head.

Not metaphorically, but literally, the high level areas in industrial, retail and leisure facilities are incredibly hard to keep suitably clean and hygienic, leaving business owners to rapidly abandon the thought.

Rather than attempting to abseil from the roof or balance precariously on swivel chairs in an effort to reach grimy high levels, however, it’s preferable to bring in the experts for a job like this.


Because high level cleaning often requires specialist equipment and chemicals, ensuring the job is carried out safely and in a controlled manner.

Understanding the Importance of High Level Cleaning

Far from being an unnecessary luxury, high level cleaning is essential, especially for food manufacturing facilities aiming to reduce the risk of product contamination and the subsequent spread of infection.

Fear not, however, help is at hand.

Here at Rentokil Specialist Hygiene, we offer a cost effective high level cleaning and disinfection service, ensuring all elevated areas are comprehensively cleaned, with our team complying with strict health and safety standards.

In addition, we’ll also carry out a thorough risk assessment before we get to work making sure the areas above you and your colleagues’ heads are spotless.

For more information about high level cleaning services from Rentokil Specialist Hygiene, please get in touch with a member of the team – we’d be delighted to help.