Commercial Odour Removal

Does your business stink to high heaven? Are your customers turning their noses up at your products or services? Are your employees showing up to work with pegs on their noses?

Are you nodding glumly at all of the above? If so, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee.

Unless you’re running a dump, offensive odours emanating around your building are likely to offend your customers AND make it an unpleasant environment for your workers.  

After all, smell is one of our strongest senses and is directly linked with memory – which means your clientele will remember your company’s pongy premises for all the wrong reasons.  

Whether you’re in charge of a factory, retail outlet, healthcare establishment or food preparation facility, untreated odours can multiply and spread, leading to an intensified odour that can be almost impossible to contain and eliminate.

But that’s not all ...

Perhaps more importantly, unpleasant odours can affect your employees’ productivity, harm your profitability and sink the reputation of your business.

However, help is at hand.

Here at Rentokil Specialist Hygiene, our expert odour removal service offers a rapid and cost effective solution if your firm has fallen foul of disagreeable aromas. Not only will we find the source of the odour, we’ll neutralise it and leave your premises smelling as fresh as a daisy.

Rather than simply masking the stench, our sterilisation techniques get rid of the bacteria causing the pong, which guarantees ALL nasty odours are removed completely. So if your business needs a hand removing a stubborn stink, please contact us today – we’d be happy to help.