Importance Of High Street Cleaning

One by one, high street stores are folding. But with a deep clean and a fresh business strategy, these failing buildings can gain their owners profits once again.

You might see it on the high street in your home town or city – rows and rows of closed shops with To Let signs looming over them. Perhaps you hum Ghost Town by The Specials as you pass them by.

Indeed, the dominance of brick-and-mortar shops has been usurped by the convenience and speed of the internet and, in many cases, it’s leading to smaller businesses shutting their doors.

These sentiments are echoed regularly in the news, with the most recent debate sparking after property guru Chris Grigg – who owns a number of freeholds for shopping giants like Debenhams and B&Q – claimed that a quarter of all shopping spaces are obsolete, according to national newspaper The Independent.

This isn’t, however, as apocalyptic a statement for the high street as it seems. Instead, Grigg sees it as a viable strategy to help ailing businesses back on their feet.

Speaking to The Independent, Grigg said that with a 25 per cent reduction in the average shop’s floor space, “the amount of eligible, effective retail starts to look much more sensible, even with a lot of online usage by the great British consumer.”

Smartening up your unused buildings

So, don’t start humming Ghost Town quite yet. However, if stores are to be revived, you’ll have to remove those window boards and call in the professionals for a deep and hygienic clean.

That’s where we step in. With our specialised empty property cleaning service, we’ll remove any germs, disease, damp or vandalism that may have occurred while a building lies unused.

Buildings left essentially derelict for a while can be subject to anything from homeless squats, habitations for insect nests or offensive graffiti, all of which will have to be removed to give your building a new lease of life.

So, if you’re looking to revitalise the high street and take on those internet behemoths, give us a call to scrub your premises into shape.