Damage Of Bird Droppings

More than 20,000 starlings have been terrorising a normally quiet Hereford street with a “snow storm” of bird droppings.

Each evening, the collosal avian swarm darkens the night sky as they head off to roost or feed.

Hapless residents of the city situated on the River Wye arm themselves with umbrellas in a bid to duck the faecal onslaught.

Additionally, homeowners on the flight path have had to clean their splattered cars and windows on a daily basis.

Herefordshire Council, although aware of the plight of residents, said they would not be taking any action against the starlings.

Bird Droppings Can Cause Permanent Damage

While it’s easy to sympathise with Hereford’s residents, we’re already well aware of the permanent damage bird droppings can cause to buildings and equipment.

Given that faeces from our feathered friends is extremely acidic, tar-based roofing materials and painted surfaces can be corroded.

Businesses’ ventilation systems are also at risk from bird droppings, given that ducts can become clogged, leading to costly repairs.

Not only is the removal of droppings essential in maintaining a professional appearance at your business’s premises, it helps prevent diseases such as cryptococcosis, histoplasmosis and psittacosis.

Here at Rentokil Specialist Hygiene, our technicians can remove, clean and sanitise areas blighted by bird droppings, returning the site back to its previous state in a safe and efficient manner.

If birds have got the better of your building, please contact a member of our team to discuss the variety of options available to your organisation.