Cost of Chewing Gum Removal

Statistics show that over 30,000 pieces of gum are discarded onto London’s Oxford Street every day.

This staggering figure contributes to the approximately 3.5 billion pieces, equating to 7,000 tonnes, tossed onto the nation’s roads and pavements each year.

Considering these facts, it’s not surprising UK councils spend a combined £150m annually in the fight to remove these unsightly blotches.

In Scotland, though, Renfrewshire Council will no longer foot the bill to remove the sticky mess from its pavements as it looks to cut cleaning costs - but some councillors fear visitors will shun the area due to its less than hospitable appearance.

In an attempt to combat the above issues, a Chewing Gum Action Group was created to unite manufacturers, government and Keep Britain Tidy to ensure chewing gum lovers dispose of the product correctly.

According to the group’s results, last year saw gum litter reduced by an average of 42 per cent, with an encouraging 67 per cent reduction in one community. What’s more, the current fine of up to £80 is likely help stomp down on the issue.

However, despite these efforts, discarded chewing gum is still a massive problem.

Here at Rentokil Specialist Hygiene, we’re well aware of the damage chewing gum can cause to tarmac, bricks, tiled floors and carpets – which is why we offer your business a speedy  and environmentally friendly method for removing unpleasant stains.

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