Importance Of Good Hygiene Within Healthcare Establishments

It’s estimated that norovirus affects up to a million people in the UK each year, with outbreaks typically originating in healthcare establishments up and down the country.

Startlingly, Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAI) claim the lives of around 5000 patients every year, costing the NHS £1bn over the same period – and although not all infections are preventable, many are.

Quite simply, hospitals, dentists and GP surgeries run the risk of contagions spreading like wildfire if particular attention is not paid to cleaning methods, with slovenly hygiene doing more than raising disapproving eyebrows – it puts peoples’ lives in danger.

And with the government making it clear the NHS needs to adopt a zero tolerance approach to all preventable HCAIs, it’s more crucial than ever that healthcare cleaning standards are beyond reproach.

This is where the experts here at Rentokil Specialist Hygiene come in.

Our team are up to the challenge of maintaining cleanliness in a healthcare environment without compromising the availability of patient beds. Working in tandem with healthcare institutions, we offer specialised healthcare cleaning and disinfection services to lessen the risk of infections.

Our deep cleaning and decontamination service is available for hospital wards and theatre rooms where the risk of infection is increased with little interference to medical procedures.

For further information on how our specialists can improve the hygiene in your healthcare establishment, get in touch with a member of our team today.