Importance of Regular Drain Maintenance

Floods Highlight Importance of Regular Drain Maintenance

Relentless rainfall has caused widespread misery and flooding throughout England and Wales recently.

Serving as a timely reminder of the importance of maintaining drains, thousands of homes and businesses have been affected by the incessant downpours.

Indeed, insurance companies estimate that average repair work to flooded homes will be around £30,000 to £40,000 per household.

From a business perspective, firms have been left with staff unable to work and stock submerged under water, while farmers have been fighting a losing battle to save sodden crops and transport bedding and feed to their livestock.

With flood warnings still in place in many parts of the country, it’s important your firm’s drains and wastepipes are properly maintained by the experts.

Reduce the Risk of Costly Blockages

Although David Cameron has announced a £10m support package for businesses hit by floods, it’s prudent to prepare for the worst in the first instance.


Because an obstructed flow increases the chances of an expensive blockage, with the accumulation of scale, silt, grease and foreign objects combining to jam your pipework.   

Here at Rentokil Specialist Hygiene though, we’ll ensure your pipework is operating optimally by using high-pressure water jets to:

  • Eradicate soft silt from surface water drains.
  • Clear hard solid-set substances such as scale.
  • Effectually clear obstructions in drains, sewers and stack pipes.

The next time the heavens open, don’t be caught out – contact a member of our team to learn more about cost effective drain maintenance and unblocking services.