Cost of Graffiti Removal

Two men were recently caught struggling to wrench a mural by the pseudonymous graffiti artist Banksy from the side of a building in New Orleans.

Girl with Umbrella has been in place in the US city since 2008, but would be thieves armed with chisels and power tools tried – and failed – to prise it from its Louisiana home.

Given the cash paid at auction for the Bristol-born artist’s work, it’s little wonder it has become the target for opportunistic plunderers looking to make a quick buck.

For example, Kissing Coppers, a Banksy piece removed from a Brighton pub over a decade ago, sold in the US for £345,000 not so long ago.

The majority of graffiti in the UK, however, is not such a welcome sight.

Graffiti Removal Costs Billions Every Year

Figures estimate that the cost of graffiti removal throughout the country is over £1bn a year, with the London Underground alone earmarking up to £10m per annum to replace glass tagged with unattractive markings.

Here at Rentokil Specialist Hygiene, we understand the negative impact that unsightly and offensive graffiti can have on homes and businesses – which is why our prevention and removal service is designed to offer a cost effective solution to remove unwanted etchings.

Our experts use specialist removal techniques to get rid of graffiti, without damaging surfaces or leaving behind marks or shadows. Once done, we apply an advanced prevention solution to ensure any further vandalism is treated swiftly, returning your property back to its original state.

If your premises has been tainted by graffiti – but not a Banksy original likely to net you hundreds of thousands of pounds – please get in touch with a member of our team to learn more about what we can do for you.