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Silo Cleaning Solution

Industrial and agricultural silos are used to store a variety of different commodities such as flour, sugar, maize, grain and animal feed.

Periodic specialist silo cleaning is required to prevent the build up of residue on the internal sides and discharge areas of these silos. This build up can facilitate the breeding of Store Product Insects (SPI) which can lead to product spoilage and contamination. These remnants can increase microbiological activity as the increased deposits act as both a harbourage for the bacteria as well as a source of nutrition.

Key Benefits of Silo Cleaning Service:

  • Reduces risk of product spoilage

  • Decreases downtime of silo as a result of bridging or banking

Rentokil Specialist Hygiene’s comprehensive silo cleaning service eliminates the chance of product spoiling and reduces the possibility of banking and bridging of the silo occurring. Rentokil’s service can also involve the full cleaning of dust control units, bulk heads and discharge equipment if required.

This ensures the cost to the business of product spoilage is removed and unscheduled silo downtime is minimised helping to ensure operational efficiency is maintained.

Rentokil Specialist Hygiene work with your production departments to programme planned silo cleans into their workload. This further maximises operational efficiency and reduces downtime of the silo. This essential service is utilised by food manufactures and farmers throughout the UK.

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