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Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Prevention and Removal

Graffiti is an act of vandalism that can be unsightly, offensive and abusive. The presence of graffiti can also have a negative affect on the surrounding area with visitors less likely to visit. At Rentokil Specialist Hygiene we offer the following:

Removal - Using our effective EcoBlasting treatment, we are able to quickly remove graffiti from a range of structures and surfaces.

Prevention - After removal, we offer an Anti-Graffiti Coating to help ensure that future incidences can be dealt with quickly and easily.

Graffiti on walls and surfaces is never the same and can take many forms, such as paints, waxy substances, chalks, felt-tip markers, ball point pens and adhesive labels which are all difficult to remove with normal cleaning methods. With that in mind, its important you get an effective and comprehensive removal and prevention service.


Graffiti Removal Customer Reviews

"Everyone's pleased with it. I know the technician wasn't happy so he came out again and removed it further, free of charge even though we were happy the first time."
 Rating ★★★★★    

Graffiti Removal Service - - Glasgow

"The job was needing done quickly and you came and did it. Can't fault your service."
 Rating ★★★★   

Graffiti Removal Service - Diocese of Winchester - Hampshire
30th November 2014


Graffiti Removal Method : EcoBlasting

Rentokil Specialist Hygiene can offer an effective EcoBlasting method of removing graffiti from walls and surfaces. This method of removal is quick, professional and effective - using non abrasive materials to blast away unsightly graffiti from a wide variety of surfaces.

Get rid of graffiti on your property quickly and efficiently by booking your free survey online or by calling us on 0800 028 0842.

Using specialist removal techniques and chemicals our trained technicians remove the unwanted graffiti without harming delicate surfaces or leaving any marks or shadowing from the offending vandalism.

Graffiti is removed quickly and efficiently

Graffiti is removed quickly and efficiently

EcoBlasting Features:

In selecting the correct abrasive, taking into account their hardness rating and their environmental suitability for a given location, we are able to work with a wide range of surfaces and different substances.

    • Operationally safe and will not damage glass or chrome
    • Eco friendly, non-toxic and non hazardous to the environment
    • No aggressive or corrosive chemicals
    • Abrasives can be altered to suit a range of different service types or specialist environments
    • Can be used on glass, wood, metal, brick and most stone surfaces (including soft stone surfaces)

We alter the abrasive to suit your surface

We alter the abrasive to suit your surface

Our system uses compressed air and eco-friendly abrasives

Our system uses compressed air and eco-friendly abrasives

Anti Graffiti Coating

An advanced graffiti prevention solution is then applied to your walls and surfaces. This helps ensure further graffiti attacks can be treated quickly helping your property remain clean and free of graffiti which helps to improve its appearance.

Find your local graffiti removal and prevention service from one of our local branches located throughout the UK.

Our Anti-Graffiti Coating can be applied to a range of surfaces

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