Dirty ink? Why your tattoo parlour should stay clean

It used to be the preserve of bored sailors on shore leave, but nowadays tattoos are almost as common as new haircuts.

One survey has found that 23 per cent of the population have had some ink done – and it’s a number that’s set to rise.

You’ve probably seen tattoo parlours on your local high street and wondered what the appeal was. Or maybe you’ve had a cool snake or tribal tat embedded into your arm already.

No matter who you are, you should always check the hygiene record of your chosen tattoo parlour – you never know what dangers might be lurking on the end of a tattoo artist’s needle.

Indeed, gone are the days when your local tattooist was a dodgy biker in a dingy basement – now these are viable establishments, and they’ve got to play by the rules like everyone else.

Much like food safety ratings in restaurants, cafes and other eateries, tattoo parlours have a standardised rating system to give you a better idea of the cleanliness of your local parlour.

A ratings success

Ranging between one and four (one being the lowest and four the highest), the scheme for clean inking has been a major success for all councils that use it.

These systems might seem restrictive for businesses, but they also act as effective safeguards from filthy premises and reused needles.

In Plymouth, one local counsellor has even gone under the needle to show her commitment to the council’s rating scheme.

Cllr Philippa Davey said, “I only had it done as the tattooist Ewen is part of the hygiene rating scheme and got top marks. It's so important to know your tattooist is safe and responsible.”

So if you’re a tattoo parlour owner, how can we help?

Our specialist sharps removal services can help ensure your sharps are always adequately disposed of in your business. We also have a number of specialist disinfection techniques that could be ideal.

So don’t make do with a filthy parlour – make sure you get a great rating!