Public urination: is there a pop-up solution?

Every man has been caught short – you’ve had a few too many pints, you need to pee, but every available toilet is miles away, and home isn’t getting any closer. So you nip into a discrete alleyway and relieve yourself.

Little do you realise the germs you’re spreading.

In Sydney, Australia, the cost of public urination is high – and the local council are searching for a solution to the problem.

The hygiene threat from public urination is obvious. Urine is filled with bacteria that could be infectious, and is an unsightly blight on our streets.

So what is Sydney’s local authority doing to keep on top of the situation?

They’ve added a series of “pop-up” urinals in the city centre. These stainless steel cylinders will pop up in the middle of the night, allowing men to relieve themselves without the fear of spreading germs.

Splash back warnings

It’s an ideal strategy to dissuade public urination on the city streets – but some countries would rather the practise stopped entirely.

Some countries have introduced hydrophobic paint that causes major splash back for offenders. San Francisco is one of the cities to introduce this measure, along with the threat of a $500 fine.

We’d rather not see any urination on our streets, which is why we try to keep your public toilets as clean as possible. Our blocked urinal cleaning service offers a meticulous scrub that’ll leave your men’s room sparkling. So don’t get caught short.